Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Dear Kids,
      Dad and I drove to Price Sunday night because Tom was singing in Mr. Wilson’s “Messiah.” It’s always great music, and it hits the high points and is done in an hour. What could be better? We got there early enough to have dinner with Tom and Kim beforehand, and Emma entertained us by playing peek-a-boo with her bib. (Get this: she already goes pee-pee in the pot!) Bentley ate lettuce with his fingers. Dad and I snarfed down the wonderful lasagna that Kim had made. Tom was supposed to be at the auditorium by 7:00, so he left at two minutes before. I love Price! Kim walks to work, which is the elementary school right across the street. Sometimes Tom walks, too, when he doesn’t want to warm up the car. (In Price, in the winter, nobody’s cars ever get warmed up. They get to where they’re going first.) But Tom and Kim’s days in Price might be numbered. Karl Bentley has been transferred to Vernal, but Kim’s Mom and sisters will be staying in Price until McKenzie graduates, in May of ‘07. Then all the Bentleys will be gone. Tom’s job has its ups and downs. I think he ought to start looking in Utah Valley, or Salt Lake. Even though he probably won’t be able to walk to work.
      Dad and I slept over in Tom and Kim’s basement, in a big comfortable bed, surrounded by piled up furniture and lamps. The people who own the house are off on a mission, and lots of their kids’ stuff is stored there. It was pretty cold that night, and when we left the next morning, the wiper fluid in our car was frozen solid. But now the cold weather has moved up here, and the cats are freezing on the deck, looking very pathetic.
      Saturday night Dad and I had free tickets (family and friends night) to see the McGettigan kids in “A Christmas Carol.” Tyler was doing his last stint as Tiny Tim, for the 5th year. Sam was one of the Cratchett boys, plus other minor parts. Kara was Little Fan, and Harriet Cratchett. It was a great production! On MSN’s list of things to do at Christmas, along with the lights of Rockefeller Square, is “A Christmas Carol” at Salt Lake’s Hale Center Theater! It’s number four on their list!
      Tom is going to fix up so there’s one more link, to “Ackerson Kids’ Letters.” That’s so all you married kids (and singles) can e-mail me with your news, and I’ll just put it up on the site. That way, if I don’t mention you in my letter, you can put up your own news! I think it’s a good way for all of us to keep track of each other. I’ll let you know when the link is ready.
      My back is doing a little better. Everybody fasted for Grandma last Sunday, and I figured I could get in on it, too, by having Grandpa and Dad give me a blessing, when we stopped by Orem on our way to Price. But we left much earlier, so I had Dad and Tom give me a blessing, when we were in Price. And right away my back started to improve. It’s got a ways to go, but at least it’s getting better. Hey, I want to go snowboarding as soon as possible! Sharon and I are going up to Snowbird, when she and Seth get here next week. So you can see how anxious I am to feel good, besides not enjoying my back pain.
      Last night Dad and I went to tithing settlement, and I told Bishop Little I need another calling besides playing the organ. I told him I can’t sit through three meetings, and I’d even be willing to do nursery. He said, “Why can’t you sit through three meetings?” I tried to explain, but how could I say, “Relief Society is boring” and “Sunday School is a drag.” I told him I need to be busier. So I deserve whatever comes my way, even nursery. I’d much rather roll out play dough and eat crackers, than sit through meetings, listening to lessons.
      So all you kids that are restless and hyperactive, you know where it comes from.
      I love you all! Mom