Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dear Kids,
         I’m excited for the two parties this coming weekend. Saturday, the 27th, is the birthday party for Dad and Dallin, at our house, at 3 pm. We’ll have sloppy jo’s and potato chips and cake and ice cream, and presents, of course. If you want to go in on the present for Dad, contact me. You can pay any amount, and I’ll put your name on the card. It’s something he’ll really like! The party itself can go on into the evening. Our weather is finally beautiful! (We’ve forgotten all about the snow last Wednesday–Tom’s birthday! He’s never had snow on his birthday before.)
           Then, Monday at high noon is the barbecue at the cabin, which Al is in charge of. He’s providing the meat for chicken and burgers. Tom is doing dutch oven potatoes and I’m bringing cookies. If you want to help with the food, contact Al. It should be really fun. Memorial Day is always the birthday of our cabin–remember when you all helped us move in? That was 16 years ago!
         Blake’s baby blessing will be June 25, which is also coming up fast! We’ll have more details when it gets closer.
          Thursday night Dad and I got to see Adelaide perform in "Anything Goes" at Centerpoint Theater. What a production! We could hardly believe the kids were only in junior high. And the music is very catchy--it makes you want to tap dance. Nora’s name was on the program, because she helped paint the scenery. It was a great evening.
          Friday night I had a retreat with my sisters at Bonnie’s house, where we slept over. Saturday morning I walked all the way around the golf course. And we admired the 64 T-bird in Bonnie’s garage. Curt collects cars now! (There was a Mustang in there, too!) Later in the morning we checked out Barbara's new apartment in Lindon, and then we drove to Salt Lake to shop and visit the pioneer village at "This is the Place." And gossip, of course. I can hardly remember all the news tidbits. Our reunion was so much fun, we decided to do it twice a year now.  I'm going to host the next one, in October.
           Life is wonderful with so much family, in both directions.
           Love, Mom

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful daughters and daughters-in-law of mine! I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’m planning on a wonderful day, too, although I always miss my own mom on Mothers Day. She set such a great example for me. I know most of you miss her too.
          The birthday party for Dad and Dallin will be Saturday afternoon, the 27th, probably starting about 3 pm. We’ll have sloppy jo’s and potato chips, and cake and ice cream. If you want to go in on a present for Dad, let me know. I have an idea of something he’ll like.
          Will it be warm by then? I just checked the 2-week forecast, and there’s a storm coming in Tuesday night that’s supposed to give us six inches of snow. It’s springtime in the Rockies! We have no guarantee of warm weather, even by Memorial day. And speaking of Memorial Day, I had thought we would be having a barbecue at the cabin, but Nora, the queen bee of barbecues, will be in Yellowstone with her family. Does anybody else want to head up a celebration that day? If not, we’ll call it good with the party on the 27th.
            I’m almost ready to start making my fire pit in the back yard. I’ve been digging out rocks and smoothing dirt, before I start excavating. While I’m digging, I think about the 4th of July coming up, and how we’ll be roasting marshmallows in that very spot, and setting off fireworks. It has to be warm by then!
          On Wednesday I spent an hour and a half in the dentist’s chair, having crown preps and a couple of fillings. (Luckily Dad held my hand most of the time.) I asked Dr. Condie what color I could choose for my crowns. It’s important, because they’re my two front teeth. For all those thousands of dollars, I don’t want them to be yellow! He suggested a color that matches my current teeth, but I chose a bleach-tone instead. He said they might really stand out, and I said I wanted that! I might as well get something spectacular for my money!
          Love to you all, Mom

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dear Kids,
         Most of you have heard the wonderful news that Donna and Bevan will be having another baby in November. He’s due on Anna’s birthday. (I’m calling him a "he" because there have been so many boys in a row, I can’t imagine anybody having a girl again.) That will give Donna’s family four birthdays in one week: Bevan, Drew, Anna, and the baby. What a wild and crazy time they’ll have of it! Their only other birthdays are Donna’s in March, and Dallin’s in May.
          The cool thing about Dallin’s birthday is that he shares it with Dad, and it will be on a Saturday this time around–the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, which is less than three weeks away! Plan on a party here at our house, probably in the early afternoon. I’ll let you know more details down the road.
           Nora took her Mia Maids to the cabin Friday afternoon, and she dropped off Paige here at our house, on their way. She thought Paige might like to hang out with us, rather than with all the boys at home. I hope she enjoyed it! I was working in the yard most of the time, since we had a little window of warm weather. I had her help me set up the blocks for our fire pit on the driveway, so I could put chairs around it and measure how big the patio needs to be. Besides that, she played on the playground, watched movies, and played the accordion. On Saturday she and Dad went to lunch at Food Town, while I planted shrubs. (I had to work fast, since another storm was coming in.) Nora picked up Paige on their way home. She said her girls had had a great time at the cabin. Thanks, Al, for cleaning up so well before they came!
           Paul and Stefanie are here this morning, because they had eye exams from John yesterday, and dinner at Donna’s. Then they came here to spend the night. We’ve had fun visiting with them, especially with wonderful Josh!  They'll be going to church with us before they head home.
           On Wednesday, Dad and I had dental checkups, and I knew mine was going to be bad news. One of my front teeth has chipped, for no reason at all, and the other front tooth has a dark line down the middle, which turned out to be a crack. That means two more crowns for me, plus another crown farther back. I think it’s a replacement for an older one. Plus five fillings. I hate my teeth! Sharon said Jerry Thacker had all his teeth pulled and got dentures, he was so tired of the whole business. I asked Dr. Condie about that, and he said dentures are better than no teeth at all, but not like real teeth. I guess I have to believe him.
           Other than that, life is good!
           Lots of love, Mom

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Will we ever have spring? I was optimistic a couple of weeks ago, because we had a few mild days, so I planted some new trees. But each night it’s been down in the low 20's, and we’ve had new snow on the ground almost every morning. An icy wind blows up from the Provo River, and it feels like December. My poor trees are in terrible shock. One of them, a flowering plum, is ready to give up on life altogether. Every morning I go out and talk to it: "Hold on, dearie! You can make it!" There’s a forecast now for warmer days ahead, maybe even some highs in the 50's, so I’m hoping.
          When we went to buy the trees, Dad and I borrowed the family truck from John’s house, and it ran really well. We felt very classy. We bought the truck a cargo net and a tarp, which we put behind the seats, so if anybody needs to secure their load, the stuff is there.
          Back when I thought it was spring, I started working in the yard again, way out in the back where I’m going to make a fire pit. I’ve been pulling out rocks and smoothing the dirt so I can make a patio around it. The fire pit itself will be smaller than the one at the cabin, and above ground–mostly for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. I’m planning to have it all done by the 4th of July, so we can have a party and set off fireworks, there on the edge of the hill. I’ve had this plan for a long time!
          It’s my turn to teach Gospel Doctrine today, and the lesson is on keeping the Sabbath. I’m looking forward to it, because the people in my class always have such interesting stories. I learn way more from them than I do from the lesson manual.
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Kids,
         Allen and Carson and Ellie slept over here last night, because Allen has to leave early this morning for some training, and the kids will be going to church with us. I always like having them here! Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk through our neighborhood, and then Allen fixed dinner, and then we watched the movie "McFarland USA." Allen says the Summit County Sheriff’s office is hiring now, but a lot of good people will be applying. Naturally he’s one of those good people! It would be my dream for him to work here! We can only hope.
         We’re not done with winter, here. I think Dad sent out a picture of our Friday morning snow, and there’s probably more on the way. It’s springtime in the Rockies! At least we won’t have to worry about a drought any time soon.
          Our next-door neighbors built a rail fence around their backyard, with wire mesh inside, so their dog can run free. (He’s been on a chain for several months.) Tina has always considered their backyard to be her territory, so as soon as the fence was finished, she slipped underneath, and encountered the dog, face to face. I was digging in our yard, so I screamed at him and swung my shovel in his direction. He backed off, and Tina ran along the fence until she was cornered. I jumped over the fence and got between her and the dog, who backed off. He looked like he was having a great time! Tina ran back along the fence until she found her hole, and squeezed back underneath. Then she ran under our deck, where she stayed all day. Since then, she sits just inside our garage side-door, looking out through the kitty flap. The dog sits on the other side of the fence, laughing at her. Tina growls, but of course he can’t hear it. He’s one of those Malamut wolf-type dogs, probably about 90% wolf. We hope Tina has learned her lesson. I don’t want to dig another kitty grave any time soon.
          Dad bought a pair of wide black chubs for his glasses, to keep them from sliding down. He looks like a ninja. Dallin wears them too, on his glasses. He looks like a little ninja. Life is good!
           Love, Mom

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dear Kids,
          I hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter morning. I was just reading in the New Testament about the resurrection of Christ. The story seems brand new, every time I read it. It was certainly the most important thing that ever happened in the history of the world. I’m so glad we can all live again, and be together with our families.
          Thanks to Nora for hosting that wonderful, wild party yesterday afternoon. Nothing’s more fun than our family parties. The food was great. Thanks to everybody who brought their specialties! And could anything be better, for Easter Saturday, than having a park across the street? It was fun watching all the kids scramble for the plastic Easter eggs, with their treasures inside. I made a sweep over the area, when they were done, and I only found two that they missed. Thanks to whoever decided to build a park across from Nora’s house! (Oh, wait, the park was there first!)
          John’s family didn’t make it to the party, but I was very conscious of the fact that it was Julie’s birthday, and that she was turning 18! It’s incredible, that we have a grandchild who’s now an adult. Last we heard about her college plans, it was either going to be UVU or Snow. I don’t know if she’s made a decision yet. She wants to major in musical production.
          We haven’t seen baby Blake for more than a week, but Tom says he’s eating OK and doing well–gaining about an ounce a day. We’ll be visiting them later this afternoon, and hopefully John’s family, too. Donna and Bevan are in Boston for the marathon, which is tomorrow. Go, Bevan! A while back I was talking to Bonnie, and she said that whenever she has trouble going to sleep at night, she starts with Katie’s family and goes through each of her children’s families, naming off their kids in her mind. Then she starts though our family, but she always goes to sleep somewhere in the middle, because there are so many. What could be better?
          Lots of love, Mom

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Sadly, Xena made her journey to the Heavyside Layer on Monday morning. We took her to the Arcadia Veterinary Clinic north of Heber, and they were very kind to us. I was with her to the very end, but Dad had to go outside and walk around. Xena has been his special girl for a long time. We brought her body home in a size 14 shoe box, and we buried her out by the playground, alongside the unknown cat I buried last year (in place of Oreo.) We’ve missed her a lot this week. But Tina is very proud to be our only cat now. She sits on Dad’s chest with her paws tucked in and smirks at me. I’m hoping we’ll find a new cat soon, or a couple of kittens, to knock that smile off her face.
            But, looking ahead to brighter things, Easter is next weekend! The picnic is at Nora’s house, starting at noon, and we’ll eat about 1:00. You can call Nora for food assignments, or maybe she’ll call you. (When I talked to her yesterday morning, they were leaving Las Vegas, on their way home from their cruise. I was surprised she could shift gears into Easter so fast.) We’ll have our usual Easter egg hunt! It should be a nice day. Sunshine. No snow. I’m really grateful for all the rain and snow we’ve had, but that white stuff’s getting me down.
          Thursday afternoon I stopped in at Tom and Kim’s to see baby Blake. (Not Frederick Barbarossa!) They had just brought him back from the hospital, for his bilirubin check, but they didn’t have the results yet. I carried him around for a while, and admired his pleasant little face. Every grandchild of ours is a wonderful blessing!
          While I was there, Tom was making sushi, with several kids watching. I watched, too. I wondered how he learned to make it, and he said he’d had samples at Smiths lots of times, and he always asked what they put in it. A roll of sushi at Smiths costs $9.00, but he can make it home for a dollar a roll. Go, Tom!

         Life is tremendously good! Love, Mom