Sunday, August 28, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Super Sunday is this afternoon at Paul’s, or rather, at the park near his house.  It’s called Chelsea Meadows, I think, and the address is 1401 North 2575 West in Layton.  Bring whatever you want, or most importantly, yourselves.  We’re meeting at 4 pm.

And this is the weekend that three out of four of our college freshmen are leaving for school.  Ben and Emma left for Snow yesterday, and Bentley is leaving for Logan this afternoon.  Sarah, who’s going to BYU Idaho, doesn’t start until September 13, because of the odd trimester system there.  All the elementary and middle school and high school kids are already back to the grind, except for Sharon’s kids.  Humm–I don’t know about Jackie.  I don’t know if they’re on the east coast system, or the west.

Yesterday afternoon Dad and I helped John plant and rake the last section of his lawn–the big part.  Three years ago I gave John a gift certificate (on his birthday) that entitled him to our help in planting his lawn.  Finally he called it due.  We were glad to be in on it.  He’s spent several weeks spreading topsoil and raking rocks and doing sprinkler heads, and finally–guess how long it took to plant and rake?  About an hour.  We were glad because it was pretty hot, but it was really satisfying to finally help him finish it.  It’s sort of late in the summer for new grass, but it’s supposed to be hot this week, and that will help it along.  

Last Monday I had my first appointment at the wound clinic, and I’m going back tomorrow.  They can’t promise I’ll be cured because (1) I have cancer, (2) I’m doing chemo, (3) I’m having avastin, and (4) I’ve had radiation to that spot.  Four strikes against me, but they’ll do what they can.  Their first line of attack is medical honey.  I know, I’d never heard of it either, but they said they’ve had  good success with it.  Every morning when I get out of the shower Dad applies the honey (from a little syringe) and then he bandages it.  I could have had home health come, but I’m sure he’s just as competent, and it’s a lot more convenient.  I don’t know if a week of honey has done much, but it seems to feel a little better.

Two weeks from today will be book club again, and we’re doing Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  I read it in one afternoon and really enjoyed it.  We might be having our S’mores night then, too.  I’ll let you know.

So much fun!  Life is good.  Love, Mom

Sunday, August 21, 2022

 Oops, here’s something I forgot to put in my letter below.  Next week will be Super Sunday, and we’re having it at Paul’s house instead of Donna’s.  It will be at the same park we had last year, Chelsea something-or-other, at 1401 North 2575 West in Layton.  See you all there!

 Dear Kids,

I’m late uploading my letter today–I simply forgot to write it.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Book club is today at our house, 5 pm.  I’m looking forward to talking about Summer of the Monkeys, and I presume Tom will lead the discussion, since he recommended the book.  We’ll have refreshments, of course. Next month we’ll be doing Mr. Popper’s Penguins, so you all can get started on that one, if you want to.

People in the family are still vacationing, even though school has started.  John’s family went to Boise for a wedding (on Heather’s side,) and Al has been backpacking in the Uintas.  He camped in a pouring rain Friday night, but last night was supposed to be better.  You know it’s got to be tough to backpack and camp in the rain, but Al is the definition of tough.

I had the unpleasantness of chemo this week, plus the pain from my unhealed wound in the most delicate possible place.  Tomorrow I have an appointment at the wound clinic at LDS Hospital, and I’m really hoping they can help me.  It’s been hurting me for several months now, but has been especially bad lately.  My oncologist, Dr. Lewis, said the avastin I’m getting really interferes with any kind of healing, since it cuts down the blood flow in the body.  It’s great for shrinking my tumors, though.   I’m thankful for that.

Most of our big events have already happened, but don’t forget the Allen family reunion on Saturday, September 17, from 10 am to 2 pm.  It will be at a park in Lindon, and I’ll get you all the address when it gets closer.  I’m sure it will be a great event.

I can’t think of any more news.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Love, Mom

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dear Kids,

The big event for today, of course, will be Bentley reporting on his mission in their sacrament meeting.  It starts at noon, and Tom’s ward meets in the church on 500 North in Heber, next to the elementary school.  The after-party will be at Tom’s house, and if we’re lucky there will be some kind of smoked meat, courtesy of Tom.  Brisket, maybe.  Or some fabulous barbecue.  Tom always does fantastic meat.

Then, next Sunday at 5 pm is book club, at our house, where we’ll be discussing Summer of the Monkeys.  I presume Tom will lead the discussion, since he suggested the book.  Anyhoo, it should be fun and interesting.

Then, two weeks from today is Super Sunday at Donna’s house.  Do any of you think we get together too often?  It seems about right to me.

I had thought about having a S’mores night Labor Day weekend, but maybe we’ll wait another week or so after that, maybe until the next book club.  Because of Bentley’s homecoming and the 5 Sundays in July, book club was pushed back, so it will come up early in September.  I think it will be my turn to suggest a book, and I want to do Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  It’s short and fun and easy to get into.

So many events.  So much fun!

Some of you kids went in on a tree Donna was getting for my birthday.  It came, and Donna’s family planted it, and it looks really good.  It’s a Red Baron Crabapple tree, meaning the apples are red, not the leaves.  It’s supposed to have gorgeous pink blossoms in the spring.  So thanks, all of you who went in on it, and thanks to the rest of you for the birthday presents you gave me.  I was deficient and didn’t send out thank-you notes.  I can blame it on the chemo that I had.  I’m doing my last infusion tomorrow, and I’m holding my breath that it won’t be as bad as last time.  I sure appreciate all your prayers!

I hope you’re all enjoying the late-summer monsoon we’re having.  Friday afternoon Dad and I went to John’s to help him plant his lawn, but after an hour of work the rain came roaring in.  We had to quit for the day.  Yesterday we had a gully-washer here, and hopefully it didn’t wash away all the meadow grass I planted.  You can’t win.  We never have nice gentle rain storms, like they get on the east coast.  It’s boom or bust.

Love to all of you, Mom 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Now that the family reunion is behind us, it seems like summer is over.  I know some of you grandkids will be starting school very soon, and it doesn’t seem possible.

The next big event is a week from today, August 14; Bentley will be talking in church about his mission.  The meeting starts at noon, and Tom’s church is just east of the elementary school on 500 North in Heber.  (There’s another church farther east–it’s not that one.)  The after-party is at Tom’s house, and if you want to contribute to the meal, call Kim.  

And two weeks from today, August 21, is book club at our house.  We’re reading The Summer of the Monkeys.  It seems like forever since we’ve met!  It’s a great book, and if you haven’t finished it, there’s still plenty of time.

The biggest news at our house is that Dad finally got the mouse that’s been hanging out under our refrigerator and stove.  Sonia had spent hours gazing under both places, but hadn’t done anything about catching it.  (Scout could have done it, but he’s an outside fellow.)  Dad had set traps on three different nights using peanut butter, but the mouse hadn’t touched them, so he asked his friends at the coffee club, since they seem to know everything.  They told him to use pieces of Hershey chocolate.  He tried that Friday night, breaking a little Hershey bar into bits.  It worked!  Early Saturday morning he un-set the traps and then let Sonia in.  She crept towards the dead mouse with her neck stretched out long, like she was the most ferocious hunter ever, but we weren’t fooled.  Anyway, the mouse is gone, and if his relatives show up, we know how to take care of them.

Friday night Aaron was ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood, and Dad and I were able to be there, along with the Price grandparents and all John’s family.  John did the ordination, and it was really a sweet event.  Since I had been having a tough time after my chemo, (I’d been having horrific cramps, along with a wound that won’t heal) I asked for a blessing from John and Dad.  It really helped me!  You can never doubt the power of the priesthood.  

What a great family we have!  Love, Mom