Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Vanessa just called with the good news that Macy Marilyn Sutton was born at 1:30 this morning. She weighs 9 lbs. 8 oz. and is 21" long, or maybe longer, Vanessa says. In looks, she’s a cross between Sarah and Sterling (looks nothing like Meg). Vanessa’s labor and delivery went fast. It’s always a miracle when a new baby is born, and when it’s Grandchild #20, it’s fabulous. The baby blessing will probably be the last Sunday in March, or the 2nd Sunday in April. We’ll keep you posted. Vanessa and Trent are on the 11:00-2:00 schedule, so it’s possible to drive to Pocatello that morning. I think Grandma and Grandpa Allen might come. (Especially since the baby has Grandma’s name.)
      I’ve been hooked on internet chess for several weeks now, and I think I’ve gotten Bevan hooked, too. Last night I saw he was playing online, so I sent him a challenge, and the first game, he wiped me off the board. So I resigned and asked for a rematch. By then, my Cuban chess pal had noticed I was on, so he was watching our game and giving me advice in the chat window. His English is lousy, but he basically said to slow down and watch what I was doing. It worked. I won the second game. By the way, Bevan is incredibly good, considering he just recently got hooked. Anybody else want to sign up? I can tell you how.
      We’re having spring weather this week! It probably won’t last, and I’m hoping to do some more good snowboarding, but it’s sure nice right now, having sunshine and warmer temperatures. I took my bike out of the shed yesterday and rode it visiting teaching. I hope to ride it to the library today. Yay, summer! Yay, winter! I can’t decide which one I like best.
      Our next Sunday dinner will be March 9th. We’ll eat about 4:30, like always. Be there or be square.
      Love, Mom

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Kids,
      We haven’t had any word from Vanessa about their new baby, so I assume she hasn’t been born yet. We’re looking forward to her arrival, and hope everything goes well!
      I visited Grandma and Grandpa at the Seville today, and we had lots of fun. I took Grandma to University Mall to get a box of Sees candy, because she had a coupon from Christmas to redeem. The nice lady there gave us each a free truffle! (Why doesn’t that happen at Valley Fair Mall?) I showed Grandpa how to play internet chess, and swapped out jigsaw puzzles with them. They’re talking about moving back to their house, which isn’t as crazy as it sounds at first. Grandma wants more elbow room, and says she can’t see herself living at the Seville for the rest of her life. Nobody has made them a decent offer on their house yet, and they’re still making mortgage payments, condo fees, and utility payments. So, it might be a pretty good idea.
      Last Friday I had a great time snowboarding with Tom and Kim at Brighton. You’d never believe it was only Kim’s second time on a snowboard! She was doing 360's down the hill. You can see all three of us on video, on Tom and Kim’s blog. When I first watched the video of myself, I thought I looked pretty good, until I watched the video of Tom. I thought, “Compared to him, I look like a grandma on a snowboard.” Then I realized, “Hey, I AM a grandma on a snowboard.” I’m making gradual progress, though. Maybe half of one percent each time I go. At that rate, I’ll be pretty good after 200 snowboarding trips. When I’m 97.
      Paul has officially purchased the Mercury Sable, and he’ll be driving it to Jacksonville, Florida, as soon as school it out. He pointed out that it’s a “win win” for everybody. Richard has the money for the car. Dad doesn’t have to go through the hassle of selling it. Paul has a car. And, I might add, Matt (who mostly drove it before his mission) is also happy about it. His missionary letter this week was entitled, “The magic of the Sable blesses all.” The letter itself was all about their investigators, except at the end, where he wrote “I have no doubt that the Sable will bring magic into Paul’s life.” So, Paul, we’ll be watching for the magic. You know, Sharon and Seth have the same car. So you’ve got room for a wife and two kids with their car seats.
      Life is fun! I love you all. Mom

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Kids,
      I’m still shoveling snow every day, and lovin’ it. We had eight or ten inches last night, maybe more–it was hard to tell because the wind was whipping it around like a hurricane. The roads were so bad, Dad didn’t get home from work until after nine, and he said it was the worst night he’d had in 32 years of bus driving. The snow buried the cats’ food dish, and it even imprisoned them down in the kitty room, until Rat Cat pushed his way out. But I’m lovin’ it. Tomorrow I’m going snowboarding with Tom and Kim, if they can dig their way out from the cabin. On Tuesday I went to Brighton with Dad. We had beautiful weather, hardly anybody on the hills, and lots of room to do our thing. Dad is getting better all the time.
      Last Saturday morning Nora and I went to a bridal shower for Mark’s wife, Kate. Bonnie planned it, and Grandma hosted it, at the Seville, on the balcony over the dining room. Of course we had to ask Kate every question we could think of. (Well, almost every question.) Like, how did she meet up with Mark in cyberspace? She said she used to troll the different LDS sites, looking for guys. When she found a profile she liked, she joined up, and then cancelled later. When she saw Mark’s profile, she was really impressed. After she e-mailed him and got his name, she googled him and found out about all his academic achievements, like lecturing in Spain, in Spanish. She even found out about the Bad Yodelers. She had a feeling it was right, even before she met him. He had the same feeling. When they finally met in person, he proposed less than two hours later. He even got down on one knee. She happened to have her birth certificate with her, so there was no reason they couldn’t get married. Now let’s hope it isn’t “Marry in haste, repent at leisure.” Probably not. If they’re both crazy enough to get married so fast, they’re probably right for each other. The rest of us all really like her. She’s very easy to talk to, and lots of fun.
      You all remember the Spudman Triathalon (well, maybe you don’t) that Vanessa ran last summer (yes, when she was pregnant). She signed up for it again this year, and so did Monica. It’s hard to get into–I think they filled up about 20 minutes after it opened, something like that. Anyway, it’s in Burley, Idaho, on the Saturday before our family reunion, so at least Dad and I will be driving to Idaho a couple of days early. I want to see them swim in the Boise River! It’s the world’s fastest swim course. They run, too, and ride bikes. Should be fun. To watch, that is.
      Richard’s car is still sitting in our driveway. Everytime Dad gets ready to list it on, he realizes he wants a picture of it, and it’s covered in at least a foot of snow. But here’s a new development–now Paul wants to buy it! He’s going to Jacksonville, Florida, for the summer, with some guys he knows, to install security systems. He said they make lots of money–more than enough to pay for the car and the gas, and they get free rent if they do enough work. It’s a company based in Provo, and lots of kids have done it. Go, Paul!
      I love you all! Mom

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dear Kids,
      I still shovel snow every day. Some people think we’ve had enough, but I don’t agree. Dad and I have plans for snowboarding tomorrow night, and again on Tuesday, and a week from tomorrow, when we’re going with Tom and Kim. We’ve gotta enjoy it while it’s here.
      This Sunday, the 10th, I’m fixing Sunday dinner. We’ll be eating at 4:30. If you want to come, let me know.
      On Tuesday I had the great fun of helping people vote at Granger High. The machines worked fine, so mainly I showed people where to put their voting cards in. It was a long day! We got there at 6:00 in the morning, and finished about 9:00 at night. But lots of familiar old-timers came in, so it never got boring. Teddy Ireland was the receiving judge, and Sharon Bullock was the poll manager, (from 16th ward, wife of Mr. Bullock, the math teacher), and between the three of us, we knew almost everybody. But the kids in the halls were something else! Very multi-ethnic! I think Granger High is only about 10% caucasian now. They still act like ordinary teenagers, though. Hey, we got to eat school lunch! Mr. Cox gave us all tickets. There wasn’t anything with beef in it, because there’s been a cow-slaughtering scandal (tainted meat sent to schools for lunches), so they had vegetarian pizza and chicken. I just got a salad, and the rest of the day I ate the candy one of our workers had brought for the voters. It’s fun to participate in the democratic process!
     It was fun having Vanessa and Trent and their kids drop by Saturday afternoon, on their way to the cousins’ party at Laurie’s house. What cute kids all of you have! I can’t believe we almost have 20 grandkids.
      This morning I visited Grandma and Grandpa at the Seville. I showed them all the new pictures on you kids’ blogs, and then we read over some family history. I sorted their DVD’s, we went to lunch downstairs, and then we started a jigsaw puzzle. Grandpa was going over his home teaching list, but he doesn’t have a partner right now. His former partner, who was 95, had an accident on the interstate. He was driving north in the center lane, and decided to make a left turn. He crashed into a couple of other cars, and then a truck hit him. Sadly, he didn’t survive. Luckily he was the only fatality. But now there’s one less man living at the Seville. They’re always short on men! Grandpa is already serving as a counselor in the High Priests’ Group.
      I can't think of any other news. Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom