Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Can you stand one more story about John’s Porsche? The other day he opened all his garage doors, because it was so hot in there. Pretty soon he heard squawking. He went out to look, and there were four magpies walking around his car. They were inspecting the tires, looking over everything, and squawking to each other, the way magpies do. He chased them away with a broom. It’s interesting that they weren’t looking over his Sienna. There are probably hundreds of Siennas in Heber, and they’ve seen them all. But this was something brand new to them. They couldn’t figure it out.
          Yesterday our outside thermometer registered 97. That’s unheard-of here. It must have been well over 100 in Salt Lake. The worst thing is, it’s supposed to stay this way for at least 10 more days. Poor Paul and Stefanie in St. George! Poor us helping them move next weekend (which we’re still looking forward to!) It’s supposed to be over 110 there every day. What a good time for them to leave St. George, with the least possible regret!
          Nora’s barbecue is still on for Saturday, the 4th, but I don’t have any details, so you’ll have to call her as to the time, what to bring, etc., and you can also contact Paul about possibly helping unload their truck later that evening. If all goes well, we’ll all be in Ogden in the early afternoon, but when you’re moving, whatever happens, happens. With luck it will all go really well.
          A happy hot summer to you all! Love, Mom

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Fathers Day, the summer solstice, and Sharon’s birthday, all on the same day–what could be better? I hope all you boys are having a good Fathers Day. You all deserve it! I called Sharon to wish her a happy birthday, and she said Conrad had sampled the centers of both layers of her birthday cake, where they were spread out to cool. It was BT cake. If I had been there, I would have been in on the deed with Conrad. 
          The family reunion is coming up in less than six weeks. The campground (same as last year) is reserved for three nights, July 30 and 31, and August 1. That would be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Donna is wondering if people really want to be there Thursday night, or should we start the fun on Friday? I’m for doing all three nights. If you have an opinion, contact Donna.
           I was driving down Lower River Road one morning last week, on my way to the cabin, when a small deer jumped out in front of me. Nothing new. But he took off down the center of the road. I had to follow him. (Who would dare try to pass a deer?) Every time I honked he looked over his shoulder at me, but he kept running. I followed him for maybe a mile, going about 20, and he finally ran off into the meadow. John said once he followed a fox along that road. The signs that say "share the road" ought to have pictures of animals on them, not cyclists.
            Since my plan for the 4th of July hike has fallen through, Nora has planned a barbecue to make up the difference. It will be at her house. Dad and Paul and Stefanie and I will be driving from St. George that day, bringing their stuff to their townhouse in Ogden, and the idea is that if we get there early enough, people can come to Ogden to help unload the truck. Sounds good to me. You can contact Nora for more information about the barbecue. My original idea for the hike up Wolf Creek pass will probably have to be put off until next year, because the 24th is just a week before the family reunion. So much fun, and so little time!
         Lots of love, Mom

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dear Kids,
         I was cooking up a plan for the 4th of July, having a family hike at Wolf Creek Pass, where you’re walking on top of the world, but it turns out that Paul and Stefanie are moving that weekend, and Dad and I are anxious for the trip to St. George, to help. (Dad will be driving the U-Haul truck, again.) So we’ll plan the family hike for the 24th. Donna pointed out that we just had a barbecue for Memorial Day, and it hasn’t been very long. True. I’ll put the details here in the letter, when it gets closer.
         Paul has finished his first week on the job in Ogden, so he’s officially a railroad engineer. But he doesn’t get to blow the whistle. He’ll be using a program like Sim Railroad for designing railroad systems. He told us that the width between two railroad tracks matches the width of the back ends of two horses. Who would have guessed?
         If you were driving past the Heber Airport a week or so ago, and you saw a white blur on the runway, it was John’s Porsche going 151 mph. They were having the grand re-opening the runway, (after repairs, I think) and he volunteered to test it out. Nobody saw his top speed, because he had passed all the spectators, and the only video shows him at about 100. Oh, remember how he now has everything he wants? Not so. Now he wants to buy a tractor.
          Last Sunday night we had a bunch of grandchildren here, and of course they were outside playing in the dirt and rocks. (Dad and I are working steadily on the yard, but it’s going slowly.) I keep feeling bad that we don’t have a finished play area, but then I’m always reminded that it’s the dirt they like best. Or the rocks. Dallin was sitting in my dry creek bed throwing out rocks, which I had put there with so much care. Anna was climbing on my pile of topsoil. The adults were on the swings. It’s all good.
          We hope you’re lovin’ your summer! We are, too. Mom

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday: 43 good years! We drove up the Mirror Lake Highway looking for a good hike. (Since we went camping for our honeymoon, I’m always looking for an outdoor adventure on our anniversary.) I thought we might hike Bald Mountain, but there were 2 feet of snow at the trailhead, so we drove on to Mirror Lake. The road off the highway into the lake had been blocked with snow, so we had to park there and climb around the snowbank. Other people were parked there, too. We walked the short distance to the lake, which was mostly covered with ice, and the trail around it was impassable. But it was an absolutely gorgeous day–blue sky, white clouds, pines, snow–what could be better? We talked to a couple of fishermen who hadn’t had much success. They said the water was 42 degrees.
          What else? Dad and I went to Rylee’s wedding celebration/picnic at South Fork in Provo Canyon last night. Donna came with Amy, and Nancy and Bonnie were there, too, so we had fun chatting. (Bonnie said it would have to count for the family reunion this year.) We met Rylee’s new spouse, Stephanie. So I’m wondering . . . I guess she’ll be added to the family list? Barbara is keeping it now. Will her daughter be added as a great-grandchild of Grandma and Grandpa Allen? She’s a very nice little girl.
          Our pavilion was nearly at the end of the Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run, and runners were still coming down the road when we got there. Most of them looked practically dead, but Bonnie said that Becca had trotted by earlier, jaunty and waving at them, looking fresh as a daisy. Whitney was supposed to be running, too, but we didn’t see her.
           Bonnie also told us that Jane and Joe are buying a house at the north end of Springville, and she showed us pictures of it. It’s right next to the mountain. When they move in, I’ll have four sisters in Utah Valley. We’ll have to have lots of get-togethers.
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom