Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Most of you have heard about my bike accident last Friday. Donna and I had done a nice ride on the Jordan River Parkway, and we were heading home on 41st South, riding on the shoulder, when I turned around to tell her something. We needed to ride up onto the sidewalk, before the intersection. When I looked back to where we were going, I could see I would be hitting a curb at the wrong angle, but it was too late. I crashed down on my bike and landed on my right shoulder. Donna helped me get into the shade, and then she rode home in 8 minutes (from 22nd West) and came back with the car. She drove us to Instacare, where they x-rayed me and said I had broken my clavicle (collar bone). It’s a terribly painful injury, and I’m on pain pills 24-7. Since Bevan was on the deer hunt (muzzle loaders) Donna was able to stay until Saturday afternoon, and help me (while Dad worked on her car.) There’s all kinds of things you can’t do with one hand, and since my right arm is bound up next to me in a harness, I only have my left hand. (I’m learning to type, buy it’s very slow.) Nora came Monday and helped clean. Stuart had his brown stuffed bear, and I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up he had laid it next to my face. It was very comforting!
      Why do they put pills in such adultproof containers? Especially for people who can use only one hand! I had been careful to not screw the lid back on, but I must have forgotten in the middle of the night, because the next morning I couldn’t get the lid off. I can tell you that you get desperate when it’s time for a pill! I got a hammer and smashed the container. Luckily I didn’t crush any of the pills!
      Our plans for conference weekend have totally changed. Dad and I probably won’t be at the cabin at all. I know some of you have made different plans now, too. We’ll definitely be at the baptisms the following week. I might not be able to pay the piano, though.
      I’m sure there’s more to say, but my brain is foggy.
      I love you all! Mom

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Sharon and Seth are packing up to go home, and I’ll be driving them (and their charming little guys) to the airport in another hour. It’s been a wild and fun week, since they came here from Upalco. (And they had a pretty wild and fun week out there, too.) There have been parties and gatherings of every kind, but now it’s all coming to an end. Thanks to everyone who put on the parties! Dad and I had fun just attending them. It’s great to be parents of a large and happy crowd of people.
      Conference weekend is coming up fast! We’re figuring that Tom will get us hooked up to a TV signal, and if not, we’ll listen on the radio. What, nobody wants to listen on the radio? It’s not bad. When I was little, we just listened, and I felt really stifled the first time we went to a neighbor’s house to watch it on TV. We just sat there! At any rate, I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner at the cabin on the 4th, and we’ll eat about 12:30. So let me know if you want to eat with us. Any suggestions on the menu?
      The next Saturday after that, October 10th, the three birthday boys will be baptized in Heber. More details will be coming. What an event! Missy says they were talking about doing it back when she and Kim and Heather were all pregnant. Who could have expected that eight years would go by so fast?
      Paul is struggling to get back into academic life again. He says he doesn’t study enough. I said, “What about all that money you paid for tuition?” He said even that doesn’t motivate him. I guess when you earn a lot during the summer, paying tuition isn’t such a bite. He’s in a good ward, though. They gave him a calling: Family History Indexer. I asked him about the girls in his ward, and he said there are three Relief Societies. If he doesn’t find a nice girlfriend with all that selection, I’ll have to come and take a look.
      Speaking of callings, I was released from Relief Society last week, and now I’m just floating free, in between two wards. It’s kind of fun. I’m making new friends in the Spanish ward, and hopefully keeping up with people in the 5th Ward. Thank goodness the Gospel is the same everywhere.
      Lots of love, Mom

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Kids,
      We’re all delighted with the safe arrival of Abigail Bethany Ackerson yesterday morning at 4:08 am. Dad was probably the first person outside of the hospital to know about it, because he was up getting ready for work, and checked on facebook to see if anything had happened yet. Tom had barely uploaded the news when Dad saw it. Yay for the internet. Now, if anybody’s keeping track, there are 12 granddaughters but only 9 grandsons. And Sharon’s having a girl. They’re thinking of naming her Lucy, a very respectable name, but not one of the A-E names. Has anybody noticed that we’re getting a great collection of those? For a good tongue twister, try saying all six of them: Aubrey, Addie, Abby, Ali, Ellie, and Emma. Should we put pressure on Sharon and Seth to make it seven? I’m thinking Audrey? (To put in the list after Aubrey). But any name is fine. It’s a great blessing just to have a baby born safe and well.
      Sharon and Seth and their boys arrived from Michigan late Tuesday night, and who should they see in the airport, but Allen and his family, just home from Disneyland. Justin Allen walked by, too. What a place, that airport! All four Thackers spent the night here and then Dad drove them to the cabin Wednesday afternoon. From there they drove to Upalco, I think in Bevan’s Subaru. They’ll be back here sometime next week. It’s fun to see how their boys have grown. Sharon brought me a great belated birthday present–all of Faerie Tale Theater on DVD! We had fun looking over the discs and remembering our favorites. I always liked PeeWee Herman as Pinocchio. Sharon’s favorite was the Dancing Princesses and Three Little Pigs. I’m taking the discs to the cabin, so everybody can watch them there.
      It’s old news by now, but James is now second counselor in their ward bishopric. He worked really hard as young men’s president, but he’s glad for the change. No more flags on holiday mornings!
      Paul gave me a box of the mix for Nanaimo Bars. Now I’m waiting for a great occasion to make them. But maybe I won’t wait. Maybe I need them this very afternoon! Maybe right now.
      Gotta go! Lots of love, Mom

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Good news from Al–he’s going to be a detective! Missy says on her blog that Allen calls it a lateral transfer, but we think it’s a pretty big deal. A detective in the family! Who would’ve thought?
      Dad and I had great fun putting the metal roof on the ag shed at the cabin last Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Donna and Bevan for helping out!!! The trouble with metal panels is that they interlock, and you can’t tell until you get part way across the roof whether you’ve got them lined up square with the edge of the roof or not. We didn’t, so we had to take out all the screws and push it level. When Dad and I were doing the back of the roof, we had the same problem, but nobody else was around. So we took out all the screws again, and here came the whole roof, sliding at me. Lots of fun, when you’re standing on scaffolding. We got it right, finally. Now we only have to finish the edges and the top cap when we go back. I have to say it’s the best-looking metal roof I ever saw. And we saved $1300, doing it ourselves. Now how shall I spend the $1300?
      When I was visiting Grandma and Grandpa yesterday, Grandma suddenly said she needed her oxygen, but it didn’t seem to help. She wanted her big machine, but it was in the bedroom, and on the way in there she could hardly walk. She was having chest pains, too, so I called 911. Boy, am I glad for emergency personnel! They were there in about two minutes. They bundled her off in the ambulance, and Grandpa and I followed in the car. We figured Grandma was doing all right, though, because the siren wasn’t blaring, the lights weren’t flashing, and the ambulance stopped at all the red lights. In the emergency room, they started all kinds of tests to find out what was wrong, but evidently it wasn’t a heart attack. I couldn’t stick around until it was all finished, so Nancy came and spelled me off. Whew! You don’t need scares like that.
      Dad and I are both on facebook now. What fun! I’m already friends with Mike Winder, Jennifer Strassburg, and Bret Bassett. Boy, do I feel connected! I can see why people waste hours wandering around on there. You find out stuff you never expected to know.
      Lots of love, Mom