Sunday, September 25, 2022

 Dear Kids,

It’s Super Sunday today, but we’re not meeting at Donna’s house, like I wrote last week.  We’ll be at Hamlet Park, the same place we met last year after Dallin’s baptism.  When you’re coming into Midway from the direction of John’s office, it’s on your right as you swing into town.  The fun starts at 4pm, and most of you have food assignments from Donna herself.  She has some beef that Tom is going to smoke, so she wants the rest of the meal to come out right.  I’m sure it will all turn out great.  

And next weekend is conference, so we’ll meet here Saturday night at 5pm for our bread and soup dinner.  Bring whichever you like.  The 6pm conference session is for everybody, not just women or men.   We’ll have our TV tuned in for whoever wants to watch it, and the rest of the group can play outside.  It’s supposed to be nice weather.  Next Sunday night Dad and I won’t be home because we’ll be going to my mission reunion.  I didn’t think we would have them any more, but one of my former companions is getting us together again.

Book club is October 16, and we’ll be talking about Toys Go Out.  It’s short and crazy, and everybody should enjoy it.

On my sisters’ twitter thread, Nancy posted a picture of Claire Hughes, Whitney’s daughter, and Caleb Anson, Amy’s son, eating lunch together in the Brazil MTC.  They happened to meet up after Caleb heard Claire talking about her grandfather, Charley Allen, who lives in Bountiful.  What a small world!  That reminded me that another of Charley’s granddaughters, Emmie, is in Adelaide’s mission.  Dad was wondering what the chances are that anybody would meet up with a second cousin in their mission, and I said that if you’re part of the extended Allen family, it’s probably 100%.  I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa Allen are proud of their “Army of Helaman.”

We’ve had such wonderful fall weather this week that Dad and I did two hikes on the Rocky Top trail.  The trailhead is just 5 minutes from our front porch, so it’s quite a temptation.  If we ever make it all the way to the top, (4 miles, one way) we should be able to look down on our house, and all the rest of Kamas Valley.  I’m planning to make it sooner or later.  Who cares that we’re both 75.  

Love to everybody, Mom

Sunday, September 18, 2022

 Dear Kids,

The family reunion yesterday in Lindon was a blast.  I was glad so many of you could make it, and I wish everybody could have been there.  Bonnie and Barbara did a great job planning it.  We all liked that park (I especially liked the little zip line) and we’re probably going to try to do it there again.

The next family event, even before conference, is Super Sunday, next week (the 25th) at Donna’s house.  The fun will start at 4 pm.  Bring whatever you like  We always have a great selection of food!

And then conference is the week after that.  Saturday night, October 1, we’ll have our traditional bread and soup dinner here at our house, at 5 pm.  The Saturday night conference session is for everybody this year, and it starts at 6.  I hope we can tune it in OK.  Last year Bevan took the little boys, and a football, to the park up the street during the session.  I’m not saying anybody has to do that this year, but it sure made for a calm conference experience.

We’re pushing book club back again next month, because Donna and Bevan will be coming home from the Grand Canyon on the second Sunday.  So we’ll meet here the third Sunday, October 16, to talk about “Toys Go Out.”  What a crazy book!  It’s short and funny, and I think you’ll all like it.  I have an extra copy, if anybody wants to borrow it.

I’m enjoying my 2-month break from chemo.  My last scan showed that my main tumor had scrunched up a little bit.  It looked like the diagram for an amoeba.  It isn’t interfering with my breathing right now, so my life is good. I’m still going to the wound clinic once a week, and my incision is closing up, a little at a time.  It doesn’t hurt much any more.  Thanks so much for your prayers on my behalf.

Last Saturday Dad and I hiked a little more than a mile on the Shingle Springs trail, up on the Mirror Lake Highway, and I loved being out in the open.  If any of you want us to go on any hikes with you (short, not the Grand Canyon) we’re game.  Isn’t this fall weather exhilarating!

Lots of love, Mom

Sunday, September 11, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Wednesday afternoon it was 90 and we were sweating up a storm.  (We feel really put-on here if it gets up to 90.)  Saturday morning it was 37 and I had to turn on the furnace. It’s just as cold this morning.   Looks like summer left with a bang.

So tonight is book club, and we’ll be talking about Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  What a book!  I read it twice and I loved it both times.  We’ll have refreshments, of course.  Last Sunday night somebody left some chocolate chip cookie dough here, so I’ll be baking that up.  There are always other goodies, too.  I’m putting off the S’mores for another time.

The Allen family reunion is this coming Saturday, and here’s the message Barbara sent out: “The Allen reunion is Saturday, Sept. 17 from 10-2.  The address is 200 North State Street in Lindon.  Just look for the red, white, and blue balloons.  There will be a fish pond for ages 1-10 and tons of other prizes for some “number/birthday” games.  There will be lawn games such as Corn Hole and others.  Don’t forget to bring your food and feel free to make a dessert to share.  I think Grandma and Grandpa Allen will be so happy and proud of us.”  

And October conference is just 3 weeks away!  Dad and I will be hosting our usual bread and soup dinner on Saturday night, Oct. 1.  We’ll start at 5 pm.  More details later.

We had a lot of fun with McGettigans on Labor Day.  We met them that morning at the entrance to Rock Cliff, and we hiked up the trail that starts at the free parking lot.  It’s called Rocky Top.  It’s a great trail because it slopes up so gradually, but you get a really good view eventually.  There’s no shade, though.  Still, I was glad to find where it was, and Dad and I will be hiking there again.   Monday afternoon we went to the rodeo–“barebacks, broncs, and bulls.”  It was great fun, but terribly hot, even under an easy-up.  But we made it through.  Nothing makes you feel “small town” like your local rodeo.

Love to everybody, Mom

Sunday, September 4, 2022

 Dear Kids,

When I wrote my letter last week, I mentioned that three out of our four college freshmen were moving into their new quarters.  Whoops–I was wrong.  It was four out of five.  I forgot about Del.  She moved into her apartment at Weber state, with three roommates.  They have a kitchen, so they were getting everything they needed to live well.  Allen and Jenny were helping out.  When Sarah gets started in another week and a half, we’ll have five college students in the family–all of them freshmen!  I’m excited for all of them.

Paul’s and Donna’s families spent last night at the cabin, and they’re all coming to our ward this morning.  It will be nice to have them here.  Donna and Bevan were in this ward years ago, up until Anna was born.  I’m guessing at least somebody will still remember them.

Tomorrow McGettigans are coming for Labor Day and the rodeo.  I hope it won’t be too hot for all of us to have fun.  We’re going to the bird refuge at Rock Cliff early in the morning, so Jana can take pictures and we can hike around.  Then, the rodeo starts at 2 in the afternoon– “Barebacks, Broncs, and Bulls.”  Are we rednecks or what?  I’m sure it will be plenty exciting, but I feel it for every cowboy who hits the ground hard. 

Next Sunday is book club again–already.  We got bumped back last month, so it has come around fast.  Not to worry–you can read Mr. Popper’s Penguins really fast, if you haven’t read it already.  Dad and I watched the movie a few days ago, and it’s nothing like the book.  The only similarity is the penguins.  

And the Allen family reunion is less than two weeks away.  It’s Saturday, September 17, at a park in Lindon.  The address is 200 North State.  We’re meeting from 10 am until 2 pm, and I’m sure it will be lots of fun.  At least the weather will be cooler by then.  You’re supposed to bring your own lunches, and probably drinks, too.  It’s always nice to visit with cousins, and you never know who’s going to show up.  Be there or be square!  

I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it!  Mom