Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dear Kids,
      Reggie is shrieking, trying to compete with the birds outside. The cats are lolling in the sun. I’m lolling at the computer, trying to get myself going. Outside the window, the cherry tree is covered with blossoms. Spring is definitely here!
      And Ramona has been shaved! According to Monica, Ramona has a little body, and a big puff on the end of her tail. I asked Monica to send pictures. Then I’ll put them up on (Ramona ranks up there with the rest of the grandchildren.)
      Last Thursday afternoon Nora and I drove to Pocatello to visit Vanessa and her family, and to stay overnight. Vanessa’s house looked fabulous, as usual. Addie and Ben had lots of fun playing with Sterling and Sarah, and I had fun teasing Kita Cat with the smell of catnip in my purse. I’ve never seen a cat get so high just from smelling it! (He didn’t inhale.) On Friday, we took the kids to a “petting zoo” in Chubbuck, where there were goats, sheep, little horses, chickens, pot-bellied pigs, and other kid-friendly barnyard animals. It was free! It’s behind a pet store, McKees, where there are monkeys and puppies and all sorts of fun things. So our morning was lots of fun. Then we went to Ross park, and pushed the kids on the swings. It’s funny–our trips to Pocatello used to include a trip to TJ Maxx and the Mall, but everything’s different with little kids. And more fun, too.
      Donna has a summer job, at Bingham Engineering, west of the airport. She’s going to be living at home, and commuting by bus, bike, or car. She’ll be working on “irrigation” projects (meaning sprinkler systems, not farming.) The men who interviewed her wondered why she wasn’t going back to Jackson, or to any of the other fun places on her resume, instead of spending her summer in an office. Too bad we all have to grow up! On Sunday Dad and I drove to Logan for Donna’s “parents’ day,” where you visit the student ward and have a nice little dinner afterwards. Donna and I sang the hymns in Spanish, since there was a “Himnos” book under her chair. After the meetings, at Donna’s house, she and Bevan taught us how to play “Ticket to Ride.” It’s a board game where you build railroads across Europe. Also, Donna told us about the cow she helped make, on the quad, out of branches. Her department worked together on it. Two days later, I saw a picture of it in the Tribune. If you look in, for April 25, in the Utah section, it’s called “a bully project.” The cow is actually a bull with an udder, go figure.
      Here’s more good news: Tom got a really generous raise. About 30%, with future raises scheduled. Go, Tom. His boss told him to buy a van for his family.
      Paul’s homecoming will be June 11th, at 9am. So, Paul, are you really going to come home? I guess we’ll get your travel plans in the mail when it gets closer. The first half of your mission dragged by, but the second year has gone really fast, at least for us.
      If you look on Amber’s blog, at , you can see her wearing a pink dress at Jenny Lynn’s wedding. It’s a totally different look for Amber, definitely worth seeing.
      Sharon and Seth are moving into a co-op townhouse in a couple of weeks. That’s where you buy in, (they’re taking advantage of the great ackerson low-interest loan plan) and pay lower rent than otherwise, and sell your equity when you move out. They’re really excited. Dad and I are going to Michigan in July, so we’re looking forward to staying with them.
      Ah, life is good. Lots of love, Mom