Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear Kids,
      So much is happening in the next three weeks, that I’ve made up a schedule:
      Saturday, May 27 Dad’s birthday. We’ll be at the cabin doing log siding, but if anybody wants to come for a barbecue in the afternoon, we’re game. Let us know.
      Wednesday, May 31 Sharon and Charlie are coming. Yay! Seth is coming about a week later
      Thursday night, June 1 Monica is coming, (Yay!) but she’s flying stand-by, so we’re not sure when.
      Friday, June 2, 9:14 am Paul comes home. Yay! If you can’t come to the airport in the morning, just come to our house later in the day. We’ll probably drive to Orem in the evening so Paul can visit with Grandma and Grandpa.
      Sunday, June 4, 1 pm. Meg’s baby blessing in Pocatello. Luckily Trent and Vanessa’s sacrament meeting is later, so we can drive up there in the morning. It should be lots of fun.
      Sunday, June 11, 9 am, Paul’s homecoming. Our block ends at 12:00, and we’ll have a dinner here afterwards. If you only want to come to sacrament meeting, you can hang out here afterwards until the dinner.
      I think that’s everything. It’s fun to have so much going on.
      Thanks for all the Mothers Day phone calls and cards and gifts. It was especially fun talking to Paul. Tom rigged up a conference call between himself, Nora, Paul, and our house. Later on, Dad and I talked to Paul alone for a while longer. Hey, Paul, thanks for the hilarious Mothers Day card. I love the picture. The rest of you can see the picture he sent on, on Paul’s page. It’s at the top. Oh, and there are pictures of baby Meg on Trent and Vanessa’s page. I love her red hair!
      Our new cat, Jasmine, is settling in very nicely. She’s outside most of the time, because she sheds a lot, and because she loves to get her claws into the carpet and sofas. She still loves to jump for Reggie, too. One day I was carrying him through the house, in his cage, and I stopped to talk to Donna. Next thing I knew, Jasmine was hanging from the cage. Reggie flapped and screeched.
      Grandma and Grandpa’s new cat is a little more boring. He loves to sit on Grandma’s lap and vegetate. He doesn’t get excited about catnip. Or anything else, either. Instead, he gets scared and hides under their bed. There were a lot of people visiting there on Sunday, because of Mothers Day, so he took off, and came back Tuesday morning. His ears are all nicked up, showing that he’s seen a lot of the world.
      I’m still sick. I think it’s turned into what they call “walking pneumonia.” That means you can do practically everything, but it’s hard to breathe, and you get really tired. Every day is a little bit better, though.
      So, I’m doin’ great and lovin’ it. Hope you all are, too.