Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dear Kids,
      I didn’t write a letter last week because I saw you all, and besides, there was so much going on! Now things are a lot quieter, and a lot more boring. Sharon and Seth and Charlie left for home this morning. They spent a week in Upalco, and then they came here last night and partied at Nora’s house till late. At least Charlie partied. He had a lot of fun running after Ben. Addie lay on the floor and whined every time they stepped on her. I was asleep when they got here last night, but this morning I drove them to the airport. I assume their trip will be pleasant. Charlie ought to sleep the whole way, he played so hard while he was here.
      And Paul is in the Tetons! Monday morning I drove him as far as Ogden, where he met up with Dave Michelson, who was taking him along the rest of the way. Paul called that night and said he had a job working in the gift shop. A kid had just quit that day, so Paul was able to take his place. Paul had also been to his first family home evening. Go, Paul. He’s going to have a summer of adventure. I wish I could go to the Tetons and work. I’d like to play that big grand piano in Jackson Lake Lodge.
      Dad rode his bike to work on Monday. He said it took him 28 minutes to get to UTA, pedaling fast, and 30 minutes to get home, pedaling slowly. He took the bike again yesterday, but when I got up this morning, I saw he’d taken the truck. I hope it’s just a fluke, because he wants to save money and get lots of exercise. He invested in a helmet and two lights for his bike, so he has to at least save enough gas to pay for them. Donna nearly always takes her bike to work on the bus, and rides it home.
      Since Donna’s been home, she’s been working like a beaver on the house and yard. Did all of you notice all the flowers planted in front? She did that. Yesterday she cleaned off the deck and got ready to stain it, but then it rained. Hopefully she’ll be able to do it today. The cherries are already starting to fall.
      Our visitor from Uzbekistan is coming tonight. Actually, he’s coming from Missouri, where he’s been living, along with his teacher. The teacher will be staying with a friend in Deer Valley during the competition. I talked to him on the phone this morning. I really wanted to talk to Ulugbek, but he was “out.” I wanted to find out if he ever got my e-mail explaining that I wouldn’t be able to feed him and drive him around. The packet I received from the Bachauer competition explained that we should contact our competitors to find out their food preferences, so we could do all our shopping before they arrived. We were even supposed to find out what snacks they liked! Well, we’ll see what happens. The most important thing for the hosts to provide is a good piano for their competitors to practice on, and I’ve definitely got that!
      Gosh, I really don’t have much news this week. But I love you all!