Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dear Kids,
      First of all, some dates to put on your calendars: (1) Grandma Allen is planning a one-day family reunion for Saturday, August 4th. We’ll be at the usual Riverbend Park in Provo, near University Avenue. (I scheduled the park myself, in fact, when I was visiting Grandma and Grandpa last week.) There will be more details coming.
      (2) I’ve been trying to schedule a time when we could have a family picture taken (all 37 of us), the same weekend as Monica and Neil’s wedding. I called Mike Rogers, and he only schedules “sittings” three weeks out, because if a wedding comes along, he’d rather do that. So the best he could give us, so far, is Saturday morning, the 7th, at 8:30 am. If he doesn’t get a wedding for Friday night, the 6th, he can do us then, but we won’t know until the middle of June.
      Speaking of real estate, Trent bought a duplex. This is his third property, counting the house they live in. He’ll be a real property titan before we know it. Or a slum lord. (No, not that!) Anyway, about this duplex–Vanessa said that Sterling was so excited about it, he wanted them to move in right away. Too bad Tom and Kim can’t buy a Pocatello house and magically transport it to Heber.
      Allen’s cat has been keeping me well entertained. She races around the basement, leaping off shelves and windowsills. She’s a true Gumbie cat, with “tiger stripes and leopard spots.” And she yowls like a jungle beast. She gobbles kitten chow and digs her claws into the carpet. For that, she has a declaw scheduled for next week, along with the standard operation and shots. Anyway, she’s delightful.
      Conference is coming up the weekend after next. I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner, between the two Sunday sessions, so if you’re planning to eat with us, let me know. I presume Tom and Kim will have the Moose bedroom, because Tom’s already settled in there, and Donna and Bevan are in Glacier, but if somebody wants to claim Cowboy, let me know. The snow is practically melted off the hill, so if anybody wants to hike the loop, I’m game.
      Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Love, Mom