Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Kids,
      I’m writing this letter from our motel room at the Days Inn in Monticello. We’re on our way to Albuquerque with Grandma and Grandpa Allen, and we got here last night about ten o’clock. So far, everything has gone really well. Grandpa and Grandma are in great shape–not worn out at all from their move to the Seville. In fact, Grandpa is looking better than he has in the last couple of years. Grandma says he’s eating more now than he ever did at home (well, three meals a day in a dining room, with interesting people to talk to) and Grandma is really energized, too. Their lives are so much simpler now, not having to worry about their house and yard and utility bills and appliances breaking down. If they can ever get disconnected from Comcast, (who won’t let them go) their lives will be perfect.
      We’re driving a rental car! Who would’ve thought! Dad wasn’t sure the Windstar, with its 230,000 miles, could make it. (I had no qualms.) Dave Noel (Robyn’s husband, Nora and James’s friend,) works for Enterprise car rental, and he got us a fantastic deal on a Hyundai minivan. It’s lots of fun to drive. It was even more fun picking it up. I rode my bike across town to the Trax station, took Trax to 7200 South, and rode over to State Street to the rental office. They were surprised when I pulled up on my bike, but Dave helped me load it into the car for the trip back home. It was an adventure. And much quicker than taking the bus over there.
      So we’re on our way. We plan to be in Albuquerque by the middle of the afternoon, stay till Sunday afternoon, and then drive back over two days. Grandma and Grandpa are great traveling companions, of course. They rave about the beautiful scenery, pull out travel treats, talk about interesting things, and of course Grandpa is always pulling out his wallet. It couldn’t be better.
      Back home, Paul is packing up to go to Logan. Donna and Bevan are driving him there on Sunday night. He’s had a good summer, earned a lot of money, and is ready for the next part of his life.
      Sharon ran a 10k, and you can read all about it on her blog. She has some cute pictures up. She doesn’t even look tired! Go, Sharon
      Shaylin Parker got married last Friday, and we had a lot of fun at her reception, in our church cultural hall. We milled around and talking to people who’ve moved away, like the Feveryears. We recognized a lot of the young people, too. Scott Dansie told me to say hi to Sharon and Donna. It was a nice reception, but it made me tired to look at all the work they had done. I was glad we weren’t going to have to clean it up.
      I went to the cabin Tuesday, and stayed till Wednesday, which was Emma’s birthday. Kim decorated with balloons and streamers, and there was a pile of presents on the coffee table. Kim made a cute castle cake, but I had to go home before the official party. Too bad. You know how I wrote that all my grass seed and topsoil washed away in the big storm? Well, enough was left behind, because now there’s green grass in the spot I had given up on. Our front yard at home is also starting to look green, because the fescue seed I planted didn’t all get eaten up by the birds. Life is good!
      Lots of love, Mom