Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dear Kids,
      I’m up late tonight, but I’m too excited to sleep, anyway. Dad and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for Florida. Our home teacher (Eric Fleischel) is picking us up at 4:30 am. Yeah, it’s a crazy hour, but you know about those cheap flights! And we’re just about ready to go! We have Donna and Bevan’s tent, a queen size air mattress, and some bedding, besides our clothes and other stuff. Dave Noel arranged for our car rental in Miami, and I mapped out the closest Walmart to the airport, so we can stock up on travel food before we head south to the Keys. I’ve made reservations at three campgrounds, for the first four nights. I even looked at the campgrounds on Google Earth! I located the LDS church on Key West, and found out their meeting times on Sunday. I have three travel books about Florida from the library, and lots of people have given us advice. So I think we’re ready to go!
      I’m leaving behind lots of fun projects, but they’ll still be here when we get back. Donna got me a pallet of dead sod, which was actually pretty green, for the sledding hill at the cabin. Last Saturday I laid it all. (It only went about a fourth of the way up the hill.) Bentley helped me, with his little rake and shovel (in between sessions with his batting machine, which was in between hitting golf balls.) Since then, Donna got another half pallet, but she says she can put it down. This so-called dead sod is easy to come by, because clients who pay $150,000 to have their yards landscaped only want beautiful green grass. All the better for us!
      Speaking of the cabin, they’ve already had snow there! Check out Tom’s blog! You can see that winter is on the way!
      My brother Richard left a car at our house, for us to sell. It’s a 1999 Mercury Sable. Richard says our neighborhood is the perfect place to sell it. We don’t have the title yet, so Dad has been driving it to work every day, instead of riding his bike. I don’t blame him, since it’s getting pretty cold in the mornings.
      Richard and Diedre Tregaskis had a baby girl, Abigail, on Sept. 26th . She weighed 6 lbs, 9 oz., was 20" long, and looks like Diedre. They are thrilled to finally have a baby.
      We’re hoping to see at least some of you at the cabin on conference weekend! I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner, and we’ll eat about 12:30, after the morning session. Let me know if you plan to be there, so I can make enough food.
      Lots of love, Mom (the Florida Travel Queen.)