Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Kids,
      We haven’t had any word from Vanessa about their new baby, so I assume she hasn’t been born yet. We’re looking forward to her arrival, and hope everything goes well!
      I visited Grandma and Grandpa at the Seville today, and we had lots of fun. I took Grandma to University Mall to get a box of Sees candy, because she had a coupon from Christmas to redeem. The nice lady there gave us each a free truffle! (Why doesn’t that happen at Valley Fair Mall?) I showed Grandpa how to play internet chess, and swapped out jigsaw puzzles with them. They’re talking about moving back to their house, which isn’t as crazy as it sounds at first. Grandma wants more elbow room, and says she can’t see herself living at the Seville for the rest of her life. Nobody has made them a decent offer on their house yet, and they’re still making mortgage payments, condo fees, and utility payments. So, it might be a pretty good idea.
      Last Friday I had a great time snowboarding with Tom and Kim at Brighton. You’d never believe it was only Kim’s second time on a snowboard! She was doing 360's down the hill. You can see all three of us on video, on Tom and Kim’s blog. When I first watched the video of myself, I thought I looked pretty good, until I watched the video of Tom. I thought, “Compared to him, I look like a grandma on a snowboard.” Then I realized, “Hey, I AM a grandma on a snowboard.” I’m making gradual progress, though. Maybe half of one percent each time I go. At that rate, I’ll be pretty good after 200 snowboarding trips. When I’m 97.
      Paul has officially purchased the Mercury Sable, and he’ll be driving it to Jacksonville, Florida, as soon as school it out. He pointed out that it’s a “win win” for everybody. Richard has the money for the car. Dad doesn’t have to go through the hassle of selling it. Paul has a car. And, I might add, Matt (who mostly drove it before his mission) is also happy about it. His missionary letter this week was entitled, “The magic of the Sable blesses all.” The letter itself was all about their investigators, except at the end, where he wrote “I have no doubt that the Sable will bring magic into Paul’s life.” So, Paul, we’ll be watching for the magic. You know, Sharon and Seth have the same car. So you’ve got room for a wife and two kids with their car seats.
      Life is fun! I love you all. Mom