Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Kids,
      I’m holding Oreo on my lap as I write this. I just brought him home from his operation, or two operations, I guess. He was neutered and declawed. So now he’ll be a fine gentleman and a good inside-outside cat. He used to love to rip into our carpets, and he tried it just a few minutes ago, with disappointing results. (For him.)
      Here’s some news from the Allen family reunion that I forgot to put in my last letter: Andy and Renae have moved! No, they haven’t left Brigham City. They haven’t even left Beecher Street. They moved about a block east, to a bigger house on the other side of the street. If you’re wondering why an empty-nest couple needs a bigger house, it’s partly Renae’s business, which is huge. (They could probably use a warehouse.) Also, Renae said, they need more room for their married kids to stay when they come home. Makes sense. They don’t have a cabin to send them to.
      We’re looking forward to Nora’s triathlon at the Jordanelle this Saturday. She and her friends did a trial run last week, which you can read about on her blog. They came by the cabin beforehand, so Nora could borrow a bike, and they looked very professional, decked out in their athletic gear. Our Relief Society retreat was just ending, which was a great success. (We had the most participants from the old 16th Ward. Those ladies really know how to have fun!) On our way home, going up the hill out of Kamas, we were run off the road by cop cars, roaring towards us in our lane, with their lights flashing and their sirens blaring. They were followed by motorcycle cops, who stopped by each car and barked at us to stay behind the line, because a bike race was coming. It turned out to be Larry Miller’s “Tour de Utah.” 300 bikers came whooshing down the hill, like a river. They were all coasting, with their heads down, but they were doing at least 40 mph. It was worth getting pulled over, just to watch it. After the bikers there were about 50 chase cars, with bike racks on the top. Go, bikers! Kamas Valley has more than its share of bike races.
      We have a new family in our ward, and the mom, Shelley Earl, came to our retreat. She said her husband has taught math at Westlake forever. We said, “Mr. Earl!” He’s still teaching there. I know at least some of you had him. His wife is really nice. They live on Starwood St.
      I started a chess club at the Harmon Home, where all the seniors hang out. We meet Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. If any of you know of someone who wants to play, send them over! It’s lots of fun. Anyway, I can call it community service, and it’s better for my conscience than just playing on the internet all the time.
      Take care. Dad and I are doin’ great and lovin’ it. Mom