Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Kids,
      There’s not enough new snow in the mountains to tempt me to go snowboarding today, and it’s too cold for a bike ride. Might as well write my family letter! Things are quiet here, as usual. Paul came by on his way home from New Mexico (unfortunately he failed the test he went to take–but no matter, they went to Arches!) and now he’s back in Logan. Vanessa’s family was here Friday night on their way to California. They had planned to stay over at Nora’s, but she’s painting her kitchen cabinets, so everybody came here (Nora’s family, included.) It was lots of fun. Nora called it a late-nighter. She said it’s better than a sleepover, because everybody goes home to bed.
      I did my first long bike ride last Wednesday. It was cold, but fun. I rode along the Jordan River parkway, of course. It’s way too early for baby ducklings, but there were lots of duck pairs doing a lot of quacking. Geese, too, and swans. It’ll be a great summer.
      On Saturday, Dad and I did some more good work on the ag shed, and we painted the inside with polyurethane. Next up–the very large shelves I’m going to build, exactly the right size to hold camping mattresses. I’m hoping to do at least a couple of them this weekend. It’s very exciting. I’ve been thinking about this project for more than ten years, from the time Grandma and Grandpa had the cabin at Timberlakes. I wanted to build a bunkhouse back then, but they sold the cabin. I kept the plans in my head, though. So it’s fun to have it this far along. One bad thing, though–I was helping Dad paint on the polyurethane, and I did a little too much with my right arm, which I thought was all rehabilitated. It let me know I was wrong. So now my shoulder hurts again. Dang.
      However, life is still good. Let me know about your plans for Conference/Easter weekend. Only Allen has RSVP’d so far.
      Lots of love, Mom