Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Kids,
      Dad and I are getting serious about buying a minivan, and I just called Incredible Motors in North Salt Lake. They have the best deals on Toyota Siennas, but those cars don’t sit on their lot. They go directly from the auction to the people who have requested them. For that, you save a couple of thousand dollars. If that doesn’t work for us, we’ll just go the regular dealer route. We’re still doing OK with just the truck. It took us to Jackson and to Pocatello, and it’s made innumerable trips to the cabin. It’s going to need it’s chains before long, though, to get up the hill. That’s when I’ll be really eager for the minivan (with Blizzak tires, of course).
      We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving in just 6 days. If there isn’t much snow, I’ll want to hike the loop after dinner. If there’s more snow, we can go sledding. It will be fun either way!
      You might have heard that Donna and Bevan were very interested in a house in Midway, and after a couple of tries, the bank has accepted their offer! They’re scheduled to close on December 15. Dad and I and Kim and her mom did a walk-through a couple of weeks ago, and I was very impressed. It’s a quality house. (It’s located at 95 South Center, if you want to look it up on Google Earth.) Donna and Buttercup will be doing a lot of work in the yard, of course, and there are some potential inside projects, but that’s the fun of life. I would hate to live in a house that had nothing to work on.
      Vanessa and Trent are planning on blessing Luke on December 15th. They have afternoon church (I think it’s 1:30 to 4:30) which makes it easier to get there on time. Dad and I were joking that even if it were 9:00 am, we could still make it easily. We’d just get up at 4:20 like we do every day anyway. If Dad and I have our minivan by then, we could take passengers.
      My piano class in the Spanish Branch is still going really well. My most advanced student, Judianni, played the opening song in Relief Society last Sunday. It was the easiest song in the easiest hymn book (Hazme andar en la luz) but who cares? It was actually one of them playing and not a gringo from the outside world. My next project is to get a key to the chapel (I already have one to the outside) so we can practice on the organ.
      More piano news: Last night Robyn Noel and I had our joint duet recital, and Addie played “Bingo” with Ian Noel. She did really well! Nora has been teaching her. I’m really proud of them both.
      Lots of love, Mom