Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Kids,
      I can barely remember the last time I wrote a family letter. The holidays were wild and wonderful, and it was great to have Sharon’s family here. They left for home in a blizzard, and their plane was delayed for five hours, but at least they made it. Now it’s back to dreary (and cold) for all of us. I’m back to cleaning the house again, and teaching piano, and playing chess at the Harmon Home. It’s all good. Now that Dad is off on Wednesdays, (he works four 10's), he’s a regular participant in our chess club. We made a deal: I agreed to eat lunch with him in the cafeteria, and he agreed to come to chess club afterward. So far it’s been really fun.
     Now that we're back on a regular schedule, I'm going to be more regular in cooking Sunday dinner. How about next Sunday, the 9th, at 4:30? Let me know if you can come. I'm planning on the second Sunday of each month, unless something else comes up!
      Paul is sort of living with us now, because he’s working at Deer Valley, and he’ll also be living part time with Donna and Bevan in Midway when they get their stuff moved in. Friday morning Dad and I drove to their house, Dad to work on their toilets and me to do anything Donna wanted done. It turned out that we ripped out the carpet. No amount of cleaning could ever have saved it, because some previous occupant had a dog that used it to do his thing. (Of course it wasn’t a cat! Don’t even think such a thing!) So we ripped out piles and rolls of carpet, and padding, and tack strip. I made about four trips to Heber for supplies, and Dad made at least one trip, too. Ace Hardware saw a lot of us. They’re very nice in there, but I can’t wait for Walmart. Nice people are great, but nice prices are better. Anyway, we got a lot done at Donna and Bevan’s house, and Donna’s getting ready to paint now. Ah, the fun!
      I guess the next great family event will be Isaac and Anna’s blessings, on February 6th. Monica will be here that weekend, which will add to the fun. The blessing will be in Nora’s ward, and of course the after-party will be at Nora’s house. She’ll probably be calling us with food assignments. I hope both babies will be ready for their big day.
      I’m sure there’s more news, but I can’t think what it is. Maybe I’ll have more to say next week.
      Lots of love, Mom