Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Kids,
      Dad just pointed out that if Grandma Ackerson were still alive, she’d be 99 today. Happy birthday, Grandma Ackerson, wherever you are!
      We had a wonderful time at Frontier Days last weekend. We worked in the information booth and sold rodeo tickets for two hours in the afternoon, and I think we saw everybody we know in Francis. It was the usual carnival-type crowd, lots more baseball caps than cowboy hats. At that rodeo that night, it was the opposite. Lots more cowboy hats. Next time we go, I’ll know what to wear. Tight levis. Boots. Cowboy hat, for sure. In fact, if I had an alternative life to live, I’d like to be a rodeo queen. Can’t you see me in spangled levis, a glittery shirt, and a cowboy hat? Then, if I had still another alternate life, I’d be a rodeo horse. They have the most fun of all. They get so excited! I think they have more fun than the cowboys and cowgirls put together. Anyway, it was great.
      Don’t forget that Grandpa Allen’s birthday is coming up, and e-mail your messages to Bonnie, if you haven’t. Her e-mail is:
      Conference weekend is coming up, too. We’ll definitely be at the cabin. On that Sunday morning, dad is going to make pancakes for breakfast, so we can use the boysenberry syrup he brought home from his cannery assignment yesterday. We’ll have to eat a lot of pancakes, to use half a gallon of syrup. I’ll be fixing the usual conference Sunday dinner, of course. And conference itself is always good.
      The weekend before conference is the alpaca open house at Blue Moon Ranch, just down the hill from us. The sign says September 24-25. Dad and I will be going on Saturday, probably sometime in the morning. It’s always fun! Come and join us!
      So many great things going on! I love you all! Mom