Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Kids,
      There’s a winter storm blowing in. Hopefully there will be enough snow to cover up the dreary brown ground, and the dead leaves I never did rake up. Dad and I will be leaving for the cabin when he gets home from work, but we’re stopping at the Kamas fitness center on the way, to go swimming. Ever since we found out that we could swim there for free (since we’re residents, and senior citizens to boot) we’ve had the plan to stop and swim every Friday afternoon on our way to the cabin. But it hasn’t worked out even once. So wish us luck. By the way, we’re keeping swimsuits at the cabin now, so anybody who wants to meet us and the fitness center and go swimming, just let us know.
      Sharon had an ultrasound, and she’s having a . . . . What, they didn’t tell her? She and Seth want to be surprised, so they asked not to know the sex of the baby. Sharon says that since they already have at least one of each, it doesn’t matter, and they want to be surprised. Dad and I were surprised nine times, at the birth of each of you, and I can tell you it was pretty exciting. But it's also very exciting when each new grandchild is born, whether we know what it’s going to be or not.
      For the next two months, I won’t be cooking Sunday dinner at the cabin on Sunday. For November, it will be Thanksgiving, and for December, the day after Christmas, when we have our sledding party. Not that I don’t like to cook, I still do, but Dad and I are in both the stake and the ward Christmas choirs, and they both practice on Sunday night, back to back. So we go to the Francis ward building first, for ward choir, and then we drive up to the stake center in Marion, for the stake choir. (Billy Sue McNeil is directing it, and who can say no to her?) I know I’ve never been a choir person, but it was only laziness on my part. All the time we were in Fifth ward, it was easier to take a nap or have my chance at the computer when Dad went off to choir. In fact, I usually reminded him when it was time to go. Now I’m lovin’ it, going together with him. Besides, our Sundays at the cabin are so quiet, it’s great to have someplace to go.
      We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. If you haven’t told us your plans, please call me!
      Love, Mom