Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear Kids,
           It’s a beautiful Saturday here at the cabin: blue sky, clean air, sassy magpies, clueless deer . . . you can see the deer never know where they’re going for sure, because their tracks across our yard amble this way and that. They can’t ever go from point A to point B in a straight line. The magpies are getting bolder, and the flock is getting bigger. They come around every morning a little after 8 am. Tom? John? Bevan? Anybody want to take out a couple of them? The bounty is still $5.00 per carcass.
           I’m upstairs in the moose bedroom, typing on my laptop, and Dad is downstairs using the rotary hammer to knock out floor tiles. We have the construction area sealed off with plastic, so the dust doesn’t go all over the house. It’s working OK. We have it to the point so we can make a fire if we need to, so nobody needs to stay away for fear of the cold now. The living room is unusable, along with half of the dining area, but the rest of the cabin is fine. If you want to come and go sledding, the hill is in great shape! We had about 8 inches of snow last Sunday, and I’ve tracked out a sledding path with snowshoes. I had to make a new path up the hill to Rocky Point, because my old one finally got snowed over.
           My snowboarding friend Becca Davis wanted to go to Brighton on Thursday, and even though it meant staying in West Valley one more night, I did it. Becca had a couple of passes that her husband gave her for Christmas, and she wanted to use them. They have a foster baby, Dominic, who’s eight months old, and her husband got the day off to tend him. Actually, he and the baby came with us, along with Dad, who was going to be doing night rides that night, and was free most of the day. The guys hung out in the lodge, and had a great time, while we had a great time on the mountain. The snow wasn’t the best, but it got better up higher, and at the top of Snake Creek lift, it was practically powder. We got tired after just a few runs, though. If you don’t go very often, you really feel it in your arms and legs.
           Life is good! I love you all! Mom