Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Kids,
          Dad has only three more days of work until he retires! And then we’ll have the retirement party Friday night. Friday will be his last actual day of working, so the timing is perfect. Nora is cooking up a plan for her family to ride the bus with him on his last run that afternoon, and some of the rest of us might join in. Call Nora for details. The party will be at 6:30 pm at the Golden Corral on 35th South, about 3400 West. If you’re reading this, you’re invited. Try to think up some little anecdote about Dad’s bus driving days, and you’ll get your chance to shine. I’ll tell a couple of stories, too. Maybe we’ll even let Dad talk.
          Sharon and Conrad are coming for the party, and naturally Sharon has a whole weekend of fun planned out. We’re looking forward to their visit.
          Christmas was fun while it lasted. Our hike up Memorial Hill on Christmas Eve was pretty cold because the wind was blowing. Anna had the best time because she was sealed into her baby jogger with its plastic windshield. The rest of us were thinking of the Donner Party an the handcart companies. Julie was surprised to find out that her ancestors’ cousins were in the Donner Party. It’s in the big brown ancestor book: just look in the table of contents.
          Christmas morning Dad and I swung around to Tom’s house, John’s house, Donna’s house, and Grandpa Allen’s house. We kept on schedule until Andy and Renae showed up to visit with Grandpa, and then of course we had to stay and talk to them. So we were late to Nora’s brunch, but she said it didn’t matter, because it was Christmas morning and we were all being very relaxed. That was news to me. Bill Mair and Grandma Audrey were there, and we had a delightful time visiting with them. I’m very impressed with Audrey. She takes absolutely everything in stride.
          The sledding party on Wednesday was lots of fun, too. I never even went out on a sled, because I was having so much fun talking to people and winding down from Christmas. Thanks for all the extra food you brought! The only person who didn’t enjoy the party was Oreo. He glared at the children from inside his kitty house. I think everybody else had a great time. Some of you asked about Dad’s cousins. Carla called me yesterday and filled me in on their news. She asked about all of you, too. We both regretted that we couldn’t get together, but it’s hard for them to get around now.
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! See you Friday night! Love, Mom