Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dear Kids,
          The July 24th party has been moved to the cabin. Nora and James will be bringing all their kids and all the Sutton kids, and that’s a big party in itself. Sharon and her kids are arriving that morning, so Dad and I will bring them back to the cabin. Everybody else and their kids are welcome too. We’ll be eating about 1:00 pm, and Nora was talking about a dutch oven meal. If you want to help, you can call her for a food assignment. In the evening we’ll build a fire in the pit and cook hot dogs and make s’mores. If anybody brings fireworks, you won’t be the only ones setting them off. There are usually a few neighbors who do it. We had a lot of rain last week, so it isn’t very dry. Besides, we have hoses.
          Last week when we were in West Valley, I went with Dad to drive the kids home from our piano class. I usually stay at the Lighthouse Church and have him pick me up afterwards, to avoid sitting in traffic. I’ve also wanted to avoid driving by our old house, because I was afraid there would be cars parked on the lawn, and the grass and shrubs would be dead. So I held my breath as we drove past our circle, but the yard looked great! The lawn was green, and mowed, and the daisies were about four feet high. If anything, it looked better than when we lived there! If you’re going along 4100 South and you look over at the back of our house, you can see they’ve built a roof over the deck, with posts on the corners. And the yard is filled with chairs and picnic tables. I’m sure they’re having great parties there. It’s better than I ever expected.
          You should have seen Dad tooling around on a riding lawn mower last week. He borrowed it from Jim Curtis. We’ll probably buy one next spring. We’ll also have to get a little trailer for it, so we can drive it back and forth from the cabin to the new house. (Assuming we ever buy it and move in.) If the lawn mower has its own trailer, it could easily go to Heber and/or Midway, couldn’t it? It could have a fun Saturday there, mowing everybody’s lawns.
          Life is good. The magpies are still overrunning our yard, but there’s a flock of robins now, competing for territory. Oreo rules them all.
          Lots of love, Mom