Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dear Kids,
         I hope all you daughters of mine, and daughters-in-law, are having a great mother’s day! I sure miss my mom this time of the year. She loved May! It was mother’s day, and her birthday, and the world looked beautiful, too. 
          We still don’t have carpet in our basement, but we have a toilet! John and Dad installed it yesterday. I was surprised to see that it doesn’t have a handle, just a two-sided button on top, where you can choose either one flush or two. I hope the grandchildren won’t be too confused. I hope I won’t be too confused. We still need to put in the sink and the shower head, but those shouldn’t be confusing.
          We’ve enjoyed having Allen’s family visit our ward for the last couple of months, but now his schedule has changed again, and they won’t be coming now. But it was nice while it lasted. They fit into our ward very nicely. Allen was playing the piano in priesthood meeting. Carson passed the sacrament to us last week. Ellie bore her testimony. They always came to our house for lunch after the block. We’ll miss them. But of course we still see Allen a lot. I wish he could settle here permanently.
          Does anybody want to go in on a birthday present for Dad? It’s a 2 terabyte external hard drive for his computer. Do you know how big 2 terabyte is? It’s two million gig. That’s two billion meg. Two trillion bytes. When we got our first computer 25 years ago, it had a 40 mg hard drive, and that was a big deal. We paid an extra $100 to have 2 mg of memory instead of just 1. Now we don’t even worry about memory, and the hard drives are enormous. Anyway, if you want to go in on the present for Dad, let me know.
           The horses that lived behind us haven’t come back, but the owner has been repairing the fence and fertilizing and irrigating, so he probably hasn’t sold the property. Two sandhill cranes were out there yesterday, picking around in the grass. I tried to scare them into taking off, because they look so beautiful when they take to the air, but they just ignored me. I guess they’re used to humans now. They used to be pretty wild.
          Love to all, Mom