Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Once again, Paul is the top story of the week. Or Paul’s appendix. He had gut pain Wednesday afternoon, and he texted me about any remedies I knew. He had already tried gas relief and tums, but the pain kept coming back. I suggested one more remedy, and then the ER. He drove himself to the hospital, and they checked everything out and said they were taking out his appendix. All that took time, of course, so his surgery wasn’t until 2 am. And he was out of the hospital before noon! He’ll show you the three scars on his abdomen, from the laporoscopy. He’s supposed to start his new job tomorrow, and his new insurance, but they’ve worked that all out. Things always work out for Paul! He and Stefanie are going to be moving to Woods Cross, most likely August 20, and they can use all our help, because it will be too soon for Paul to lift things. Nora will be hosting an after-party barbecue at her house. I love how our family pulls together.
           Josh’s birthday party (and mine!) last night was a lot of fun. It was the same park as we went to after Josh’s baby blessing, which seemed like it barely happened. The food was good and the kids had fun on the playground. Josh seemed to enjoy the attention, along with the other babies there, Drew and Josh’s new cousin, Lydia. We kept passing them around. Thanks to Paul and Stefanie for planning it all!
          Al and Carson finished their trek on the Highline Trail in good time–just six days, (and 15 minutes) for about 84 miles. Dad and I drove Al’s car up to the west trailhead on Monday, so it would be there for them. As long as we were there, we decided to hike out for a mile or so. We passed several people on their last leg home, and they all looked like death warmed over. They all carried gigantic packs, and they even had saddle bags on their dogs. (The dogs didn’t look all that tired.) Anyway, it’s a beautiful area, and I envied Al and Carson for the time they spent up there.
           Here’s one more reminder of the Allen Family reunion, this coming Saturday, August 6, at 9:00 a.m. at the park at 4620 N. 300 West by the Provo River. Bonnie’s message said: We hope you can all come! Charley planned this and he promises it will be fun! Bring your own lunch, desserts to share, sunscreen, and one or two favorite pictures of your family over the years. There will be door prizes (for those who show up on time,) a square dance demonstration, games, and crafts for the little kids (7 and under). 
          So the fun goes on! Lots of love, Mom