Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dear Kids,
         I’m typing this letter with my left hand, so it’s going to be short. My right hand is bandaged from the surgery I had on Tuesday. It went very well. It’s called carpal metacarpal arthroplasty, and it should take care of the pain I’ve had at the base of my thumb for more than three years now. Maybe I’ll be able to play ragtime again! Meanwhile, though, I can’t do much at all. Dad has been helping me shower, get dressed, and fix food. I’ve been sleeping nights in his recliner, with a big piece of plastic foam holding up my arm. I haven’t been anywhere except my piano classes, which I absolutely couldn’t miss, in spite of my pain and awkwardness. (In the Lighthouse class, one cute little kid saw my bandages and said, "Did you fall down AGAIN?") It’s funny that within a month I’ve had my worst tooth pain ever, my accident, my worst bronchitis ever, and now this, which has turned out to be way more painful than I expected. Thanks to all of you who have called me, visited me, and prayed for my recovery. I’m looking forward to a brand new life when all this is over with. Meanwhile, you’ve all gotta know how much I love you.