Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Thanks to Donna for hosting the Messiah after-party last night! She stepped up at the last minute and volunteered her house. Thanks to Tom for bringing his home-made sushi. It was a hit. He kept slicing it and laying it out, and we devoured plate after plate of it.
          The Messiah itself was very nice. The choir was enormous, and I made sure I was surrounded by good altos. I enjoy that music more every year. It’s a sing-along, and this time I knew the songs well enough that I could look up from my music and watch the people in the audience singing. (Of course I was watching the director, too.) There were some great performers in the audience! People in Heber absolutely love the Messiah!
         We’d had a practice that morning, and since it was supposed to rain and snow all day long, Dad and I hung out at John’s house instead of going home and coming back. It was very pleasant. We used the internet and watched John’s family come and go. John spent nearly the whole day cleaning his carpets. What a good worker he still is!
          Here’s a news tidbit: Allen went on a date! The woman is a Davis County prosecutor (in line to become a judge!) and they’d worked on a case together a while back. She’s Hispanic, and obviously very accomplished. He said it might not turn into anything, but they had a good time together. Their date? She helped him do "Shop With a Cop." He told her he needed a woman’s touch. Go, Al!
          Bentley has a great part-time job for Christmas: he’s working on the Polar Express! Actually, it’s called the North Pole Express, but it’s really the Heber Creeper, decked out for Christmas. They travel half way down the canyon to the "North Pole," where Santa gets on the train and goes down each car, talking to the kids. Bentley is dressed like a chef, and he serves hot chocolate, sings along with the piped-in music, and makes the kids laugh. Other workers are "elves," and they hand out cookies. It costs a small fortune for the kids to ride, but it’s always packed. I think practically everybody is from out-of-town. Anyway, it sounds like a terrific job. Go, Bentley!
          Has anybody seen my "Tall Book of Christmas?" It seems to be missing. Thank goodness I copied out "Giant Grummer’s Christmas" a while back, but I sure wish I had the rest of it. 
           Hope you’re all lovin’ the Christmas season! Mom