Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Put this on your calendars: Saturday, March 25, for a family get-together. Monica, Neil, and Jackson will be here in town! It’s their spring break, and they’ll be camping in southern Utah (best time of the year to be down there!) but on that Saturday, they’ll be here in town. We’re not sure yet where the party will be, probably either at the cabin or at John’s house, but I’ll let you know for sure when it gets closer. We’re all looking forward to seeing them again!
         My best new purchase has been a pack of twisty balloons and a balloon pump. Why? I can use those long skinny balloons to keep Tina off my face while we’re watching TV at night. She hates them! I only have to jab one at her, and she jumps to the foot of our bed. I’ve used them for a couple of weeks now (Paige gave me my first one, a long skinny flower she’d made) and it’s nice not having cat fur in my eyes and nose. Tina’s gotten brave enough to paw at the balloons, though. Wait till she bites into one! She’ll have a big surprise.
          Vanessa and her kids stayed over at our house Friday night, because they were going skiing yesterday at Deer Valley. It was fun having them here! They’re so pleasant and well behaved! (But of course all our grandkids are exceptional!) I admire Vanessa for getting all that gear together: clothes, kids, ski equipment. She said whenever she’s getting ready for something like that, she thinks it’s too much trouble, and it isn’t going to be worth it, but it always is. 
           Four of my sisters, Jane, Nancy, Barbara, and Bonnie, came here to our house yesterday so we could go out to lunch together. Barbara and Bonnie hadn’t ever been to our house before, so I had fun showing them around. Bonnie says we have a "million dollar view." We went to lunch at Hi Mountain Drug, and Barbara said that’s the best hamburger she’s ever eaten. Jane had a salad, and took most of it home in a doggie bag. She’s lost 52 pounds since her surgery, and she’s doing really well now. We heard Scott has lost 80 pounds! Hooray for them both! I’m proud of their courage.
            Since Katie couldn’t be at our lunch yesterday, we’re planning a sisters’ trip to Boise in May, to visit her for a couple of days. I’m so looking forward to that!
          Life is wonderful. I love you all! Mom