Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Kids,
         Allen and Carson and Ellie slept over here last night, because Allen has to leave early this morning for some training, and the kids will be going to church with us. I always like having them here! Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk through our neighborhood, and then Allen fixed dinner, and then we watched the movie "McFarland USA." Allen says the Summit County Sheriff’s office is hiring now, but a lot of good people will be applying. Naturally he’s one of those good people! It would be my dream for him to work here! We can only hope.
         We’re not done with winter, here. I think Dad sent out a picture of our Friday morning snow, and there’s probably more on the way. It’s springtime in the Rockies! At least we won’t have to worry about a drought any time soon.
          Our next-door neighbors built a rail fence around their backyard, with wire mesh inside, so their dog can run free. (He’s been on a chain for several months.) Tina has always considered their backyard to be her territory, so as soon as the fence was finished, she slipped underneath, and encountered the dog, face to face. I was digging in our yard, so I screamed at him and swung my shovel in his direction. He backed off, and Tina ran along the fence until she was cornered. I jumped over the fence and got between her and the dog, who backed off. He looked like he was having a great time! Tina ran back along the fence until she found her hole, and squeezed back underneath. Then she ran under our deck, where she stayed all day. Since then, she sits just inside our garage side-door, looking out through the kitty flap. The dog sits on the other side of the fence, laughing at her. Tina growls, but of course he can’t hear it. He’s one of those Malamut wolf-type dogs, probably about 90% wolf. We hope Tina has learned her lesson. I don’t want to dig another kitty grave any time soon.
          Dad bought a pair of wide black chubs for his glasses, to keep them from sliding down. He looks like a ninja. Dallin wears them too, on his glasses. He looks like a little ninja. Life is good!
           Love, Mom