Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dear Kids,
           Dad and I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday–we had lunch with Paul and Stefanie and Josh at their house, and then we went to the Hill AFB Museum. Stefanie’s mom and dad went, too. I know I’ve never been a great fan of airplanes, but it was fun to walk around outside in the sunshine among all those gigantic planes, and see Josh’s amazement. Inside the museum itself, I was dumbfounded by all the old military planes on display. I know Hill AFB is a standard field trip destination, but I’ve never been.
           In the evening, we went to Ellie’s latest performance at Centerpoint, a Broadway review. She and her group were great, as always.
           What else is going on? For the next six Sundays, Dad and I will be having Messiah practices in Heber, so we’ll be gone after 5:30 pm. This will be our fifth year! (Tom’s tenth.) The performances will be December 9th and 10th, at Tom’s church. That seems far away, but it isn’t!
          And of course Abi’s baptism is next Saturday morning, Nov. 4, at 10 am at Tom’s stake center (the church just east of Tom’s church). There’s an afterparty, of course, at Tom’s house. You can call Kim for a food assignment, if you want. We’re really looking forward to it. And way down the road, Christmas is coming! Last year, at Tom and Kim’s, Bentley recited "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," while he was opening a present and fiddling with something else, besides. That inspired me to memorize it myself! It’s easy. So I’m making this offer: $10.00 to every grandchild who can recite the entire thing by Christmas! (You faraway kids can skype it.) Below this letter, in a separate post, I’m putting up the version of the "Grinch" that’s is the Seuss book. If you memorize it from the video, that’s fine too. They’re practically identical.
          So much going on! My life here is wonderful! Dad’s, too. Love, Mom