Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dear Kids,
         I’m typing this letter with nine fingers.  The non-participating finger is wrapped in bandages, because I accidentally slammed it in the car door Friday afternoon.  I had gone to Heber in the truck with Dad to pick up our car from L&L auto shop, because it had snapped a spring the day before.  (We had been driving down 300 East in Heber when we heard a loud bang in the car, like a cannon going off.  Luckily we were close to the garage.)  So here we were in Heber again, to pick up the repaired car, when I mashed my finger.  Blood was dripping everywhere, but the nice guy at the garage gave us paper towels and a bottle of water to clean up with.  Dad had to leave his truck at L&L, drive me home in the car and help bandage my hand, and then get Julie to drive him back to get the truck.  If this whole story sounds incoherent, it’s because my brain is fried from all the pain pills I’ve been taking.
         But on a very bright note, next weekend is conference and Easter.  Here’s the plan: After the Saturday afternoon session, so, just after 4:00, we’ll have the Easter egg hunt at John’s house.  Each family needs to bring enough eggs for their own children, but we’ll mix them all up. Then we’ll have our traditional bread and soup dinner.  If everybody brings either a soup or a bread, or rolls, we should have plenty.  Then the guys will go off to the Priesthood session at John’s stake center.  Afterwards, John is providing ice cream.
         The next day, which is both conference and Easter, we’ll be having dinner and a birthday party for Blake at Tom’s house, just after the afternoon session.  I know we usually have Sunday dinner between the two sessions, but because of the party, we’ll eat later, to give us more time.  You can call Kim for a food assignment.   I hope this is all clear.  I’m hoping to be there both days, for all the fun, but I don’t know how I’m going to feel.
         I’ll be having radiation, starting tomorrow, through Friday, and it’s a special intense “short course” radiation they’re using now for colon cancer.  I’ve heard regular radiation isn’t so bad, but I haven’t found anybody who’s been through this new kind.  I googled it, but all I found was very technical information from scholarly journals, geared towards doctors.  There were mortality statistics, but nothing about how the patient will feel.  So I’ll be finding out.  Wish me luck, and please keep praying for me!  I can feel the power of all your prayers!
          Because of all my medical troubles and pain, I’ve finally given up the piano class we’ve been doing at the Lighthouse church for 8 years now.  It was a hard decision.  I planned on just ending the class, but the other teachers (led by Sandra Rickett) said they definitely want to keep it going. They’ve put too much into it to just drop it all, and they love doing it.  I sure wish them well!   I’m not dropping my piano ladies in Heber, but I’ll have to cancel some of our classes.
          But life is good. It’s all good!  I love you all!  Mom