Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dear Kids,
         Of course the big news this week was the fire at the cabin.  Thursday afternoon John’s family arrived there for their fall break, and John started a fire in the wood-burning stove, so the cabin could start heating up.  (And boy, did it!)  Then they left for their adventures in Salt Lake.  A while later Donna’s pest control friend arrived to check his mouse traps, and texted Donna a picture of the cabin on fire.   She forwarded the picture to us (the one you’ve all seen, where the chimney area is burning.) Luckily a neighbor had already called the fire department, because by the time Dad and I got there, we could hear the sirens coming.  But a lot of the east end was burning by then.  I called John to let him know the cabin was on fire, and Heather answered.  She told me their three new kittens were in the greenhouse.  The firefighters were all busy by then, so like PeeWee Herman in the movie, I ran in to rescue the kittens.  There was a lot of smoke in the greenhouse, but it wasn’t burning.  I found the kittens under the stack of tables that leans against the wall.  And like Pee Wee Herman, I ran out holding them up high.  Of course the firefighters didn’t care–they were busy putting out the fire.  I tossed the kittens into our car, and then Terry Galmore found me a box for them.
         Meanwhile, the firemen were putting out the fire.  Boy, they use lots of water! When it was finally safe to go inside, the fire chief walked us in.  Most of the damage is in the moose bedroom, but luckily, none of the furniture burned.  The balcony is gone, and we could see blue sky through the eves.  John came up about then, and shook hands with the chief.  It looked like they knew each other already.  John said, “You know I’m the scoutmaster.  I know how to start fires.”
         There will be an investigation, probably to make sure it wasn’t arson, and then we’ll walk through with the insurance assessor, to discuss how it will be rebuilt.  In the meantime, it’s been boarded up on the east side by a disaster crew.  I don’t know how long the rebuilding will take, or even when it will start.
         I said I ran in to get the kittens, and I really did!  It’s funny what adrenaline can do to you.  Here I can barely walk, because of my numb left leg, and when I’m outside, I need to lean on someone.  But all alone, I ran into the greenhouse.  The adrenaline effect lasted all day, and I haven’t felt that good in weeks.  Now, of course I’m back to the same old pain.  I saw Dr. Newbold on Monday, and he tweaked my medications, which helped a little.  I asked him to tell me honestly how long this stage lasts, and he said 3-6 months.  For most people.  Sometimes it stretches into years, but I couldn’t be that unlucky.  I really appreciate all your prayers.  I definitely still need them.
         Lots of love, Mom