Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dear Kids,
         First off, Luke’s baptism will be next Saturday morning at 10 am at Trent and Vanessa’s church in Pocatello.  The address is 2281 East Terry Street..  I know it’s short notice, and everybody’s really busy, but at least some of us will be able to go.  Dad and I haven’t been to Idaho since the eclipse, so we’re looking forward to the trip.  Nora’s family might be going the night before.
         Then, on Saturday, December 1st, Anna and Isaac will both be baptized in Midway.  I don’t know if Donna’s church is the stake center–probably not, so I’ll let you all know which church when it gets closer.  I know for sure it won’t be in the Provo River.  Dallin already has plans for his baptism, and he insists it’s going to be in the river.  Too bad his birthday is during the peak runoff season. 
         Our cats are keeping us well entertained.  Tina still hates the kittens, but that doesn’t bother them at all.  Scout likes to chase her.  She always yowls when she sees him, probably in terror.  Then she takes off, with Scout close behind, and Sonia running after them.  When Dad feeds Tina her special meals, I have to keep the kittens away.  On Sunday nights John usually brings the fire kittens, and they romp around the family room with Scout and Sonia.  Tina sits at the back door and glares and hisses at them all through the glass.  She’s very brave when there’s a door between them.
         Some of you have been asking about any progress on repairing the cabin.  So far, nothing has happened.  A disaster crew was supposed to have cleaned up the debris by now, but it hasn’t happened.  An electrician was supposed to check the wires and make sure they’re all snubbed off.  That hasn’t happened either.  An engineer is supposed to come and check the rafters, and he hasn’t been there.  I’m expecting the rebuilding project to take a long time and be very frustrating. If anything goes smoothly, I’ll be very surprised.
         Come to think of it, hardly anything ever goes smoothly.  But we learn a lot from our troubles.  It’s called life.
         Lots of love, Mom