Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dear Kids,
         The big news this week is Dad’s truck.  If you were in on the message thread, you already know that it’s a 2016 Ford F-150 with 17,000 miles on it, still under its original warranty.  Dad and John bought it at the Garff lot in West Valley, across from the hospital.  John was going to fly to Las Vegas, buy a truck that was listed there, and drive it back, but he did a CarFax search and found out it was a “flood recovery” truck from Hurricane Harvey.  It had no warranty and a branded title.  But since John was all geared up to buy a truck, he did some more looking online and found the truck in West Valley.  It’s very impressive!  The old white truck looks very sad beside it.  John’s going to take the old one to his house and sell it on  He said we shouldn’t try to sell it to any family or friends, because there’s no telling what may go wrong with it in the next little while.  I’m sure it has issues we don’t even know about, but it has served us well for the last 17 years.  If we keep the new truck that long, we’ll both be 88 when we sell it.
         Tina, Scout, and Sonia are pretty good friends now.  There isn’t as much hissing or paw swiping as there used to be.  Last week there was a lot of racing and chasing through the house, but this week it’s mostly walking and stalking.  They creep up on each other and then jump in for the kill. So far, though, we haven’t noticed any real injuries.   Tina’s embarrassed about being friends with the other two, and if I find the three of them huddled together somewhere, she’ll stalk away.  They ought to all be outside cats, but after the money we paid to get Scout and Sonia fixed and declawed, I want to get as much entertainment out of them as possible. 
         My hair is still very pink, so I shouldn’t be surprised that so many people comment on it.  Total strangers will say, “I like your hair color!”  Maybe they’re really thinking “you must be nuts” but I don’t care.  I like talking to total strangers. 
         Later this morning Dad and I are going to Elk Meadows, the care center in our stake, to help out with sacrament meeting.  I’ll be playing the piano and Dad will lead the music and give a short talk.  We were there last week because it was the Elders Quorum’s turn to be in charge, and we’re going back today because  it’s the Sunday School’s turn.   The rest of the Church is enjoying the new, shorter, 2-hour block, but Elk Meadows is only about 25 minutes, so 2 hours will seem long when we go back to our real ward next week.  Still, I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t been to Relief Society for over a year, but now I’ll be there every other week.
         Life is good!  Love to everybody! Mom