Sunday, February 24, 2019

Dear Kids,
         Compared with the excitement of last week (Tom and Kim’s new baby on the way) things are dull again.  It’s still cold, down around zero every night.  The snow is still deep.  The deer still walk past our windows.  The herd has grown larger, from five, starting out, to ten now.  It takes Tina longer to glare at each one of them, but she won’t slack off.    Over at our cabin . . . nothing has been done yet.  It’s still sitting there, quiet and desolate.   On Monday Bevan cleared the driveway there with the new track snowblower.  He said it’s really fun to operate.  Meanwhile, Dad keeps our driveway clear with the snowblower here.  All those years we didn’t have one, I thought it was only about saving a little bit of work.  I didn’t realize what a great toy it is.  If we get even an inch of new snow, Dad’s out there running the snowblower.
         Here’s a bit of good news:  Adelaide will be working at Oakcrest this summer, on the kitchen staff.  Her camp name will be “Lemonade.”  Where has the time gone?  It seems only a few years ago that Nora was Oskaloosa.  Anyway, we’re really happy for Adelaide, and we know she’ll have a wonderful summer.
         My cousins Colleen works at the Provo Temple on Fridays, and that’s the day Dad and I usually go, sometimes with John and Heather.  Colleen was one of the “little kids” when I was growing up; she’s probably six or seven years younger than I am.  And I’ve always thought of temple workers as “old people,” way, way older than I am.  But we usually see Colleen there, when we go.  And last Friday, she actually did one of the ordinances for me.  What a great feeling, knowing one of my relatives is helping with ordinances! I never thought that would happen.
         Spring is coming up, sometime.  The snow will melt sometime.  My leg will stop hurting sometime.  But every day is good, and I love you all.  Mom