Sunday, March 24, 2019

Dear Kids,
         John called me to brag that his cats caught four mice in four days.  Each day one of the mice showed up on their doormat.  I told him that was wonderful.  Of course, his cats spend a lot more time outside than ours.  And they’re always trying to get in.  John caught one of them standing on the shoulders of another, trying to pull on the door lever.  Thank goodness we have round doorknobs, not levers, because our cats always want the doors to open.  But they want to get out, not in.  I’m pretty sure they couldn’t turn a round doorknob, even if one of them would let the other climb on its shoulders.  But eventually they’ll get to go out as often as they want to.  Now I just let them out once a day, because I’m afraid they’ll get into trouble.  Scout has already been over the neighbor’s fence to tease their dog Harley, who’s a Siberian husky.  I saw Scout racing back to our house, sailing over the fence.   I hope he won’t get too cocky.  He might not always get away fast enough.
         We’re still getting snow, but it’s melting faster than it’s falling.  I’m planning to go out and dig in the yard as soon as there’s a  patch of dry dirt.  My leg is still painful from the shingles, but I’ve put it on notice that I’m not going to baby it forever.  I’m tired of being an invalid, hobbling around with my cane.  So by the first of May, I’m going to stash away the cane and walk on my own.  And I’m going to do normal things, no matter how much it hurts.  I’m going to be my old self again.
         Two weeks until conference!  It looks like everybody will be back from their Spring travels, so we’ll have our regular Saturday night party.  It will be the guys going to the conference session this time, while the ladies stay home.  We’ll have our usual bread and soup and rolls, probably starting at 5 pm.  I’ll call around a few days beforehand to see what people want to bring.
         Easter is late this year, April 21, but still, that’s only two weeks after conference.  We’ll have to think about a Saturday Easter egg hunt, and at whose house.  A couple of years ago we had it here, and it was fun.  I’m sure our ground will be dry by then.  (Well, pretty dry.)  Or if anybody wants to volunteer their house and yard, (or a park nearby,) let me know.
         So much fun coming up!  I love you all.  Mom