Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dear Kids,
         The Fourth of July party last Thursday was moved from John’s house to Nora’s, where Dad and I have gone anyway for the last two years.  There isn’t such a great view of the valley any more, since two new houses have been built just lower than theirs, but we always go down to the parking lot of the church down on Main street.  There were three or four other families, besides Donna’s and Paul’s and Nora’s and Dad and me.  So it was a pretty good crowd.  Everybody else had the usual assortment of fun stuff that stays on the ground, or else sparklers, but I had two packs of spectacular aerials from Sams Club.  Naturally I had to light them myself!  It looks like the 4th of July event at Nora’s might become a permanent tradition, and the more fun traditions we have, the better.
         Speaking of which, the family reunion at Bear Lake is coming up in less than three weeks! I’m sure Vanessa will be sending out the agenda pretty soon, with food assignments and a general idea of what we’ll be doing.  I can’t wait for it!  Each one gets better and better.
         Last night Dad and I went to a barbecue with my brothers and sisters at Richard’s cabin in American Fork canyon.  Most of us were there, including Charley!  He looks really good, but he walks bent over.   He doesn’t talk much, but listens to everything.  He had me feel the holes in his head, where they’ve drilled in to work on his brain.  It’s really creepy!  He also had me feel the shunt that drains fluid from his brain down the side of his head and neck, down into his stomach.  There’s a magnet implanted in his head that the doctors use to adjust it.  It’s all very high tech, but we’re just grateful he’s still alive.  The barbecue itself was great fun!  Bonnie and Curt left early because Maddie was probably having her baby (a girl!) and they didn’t have phone reception there.
         Charlie and Matthew are coming here this afternoon to spend a couple of days with us, and we’re really excited for that.  Sharon will be coming Thursday, with Lucy and Conrad.  Seth will be here for the family reunion, but his Utah visit is always short.  I’m so glad they can all be here!
         I had a wonderful load of topsoil delivered Friday morning, the best I’ve ever had, and most of it is still sitting on our driveway, because I’ve been so busy with other things.  I can’t wait to spread it!  Hopefully my burst of energy right now will hold out!
         Life is good!  I love you all!  Mom