Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dear Kids,
         James’s dad passed away last Sunday morning, probably about the time I was uploading my letter.  We’re all really happy for him, but of course it’s really hard for his kids and grandchildren.  He didn’t want to have a funeral, just a graveside service and a lunch.  Nora had talked to us about going, but I was in a lot of pain this week and never checked back with her.  I’m sure it all went well. 
         My shoulder and neck have been killing me, but it probably isn’t related to my cancer.  Yesterday it seemed to finally be getting a little better, and today is better still.  I’ve got to feel OK for the start of my immunotherapy!  I feel like my whole life is on hold right now.  But at least I’m going to stay alive.  I got a text from my friend Christine Gonzales; she was one of my missionary companions who married a Bolivian and ended up teaching Spanish and German at the SLCC. Anyway, the text was actually written by her husband, Mario, who said: “Let you know Christine develop ovarian cancer advanced we sorrow much.”  Mario never learned English very well, but his message was pretty clear.  If I felt better I’d try to find out more so I could at least go to her funeral, when it happens.
         There’s been lots done on our cabin!  The carpet was actually being laid by some Mexicans on Thursday when the power went out.  They say they’re coming back tomorrow.  But you can see how close we are!  After everything’s cleaned up, and our furniture is moved back in, there will be a final inspection.  I’m still planning on doing Thanksgiving here at our house, because time is so short, but the cabin should be open for business pretty soon!
         Tina’s breathing has been really raspy, especially at night, when you can hear it clear across our bedroom. Last Tuesday we took her to the vet. She yowled very loudly and put on quite a show, but when the vet examined her and listened to her breathing, he couldn’t find any problem at all.  So he said it’s probably seasonal asthma.  By then he was petting her, running his hand down her back and pointing out what a beautiful cat she is.  She was strutting around on the examining table, head-butting his hand and purring very loudly.  The vet especially admired her black and brown coloring, and the wide black streak down her back.  She was in her glory.  So the visit was great for her self esteem, even though it set us back a few dollars.
         We won’t be home this evening because of the Messiah practice, and we’ll be gone every Sunday night until after the performance on December 14.  I’ll have more about that later.   
          Lots of love, Mom