Saturday, July 11, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Next Sunday our ward is starting up again, but since Dad and I are over 65 (and I have cancer) we’ve been encouraged not to come.  Dad says he’s going, however.  He can’t miss out on anything.  The bishop asked him to pick out songs for the meeting, but we aren’t going to be singing them.  There was some idea that maybe we would just listen to the music and read the words.  Maybe I’ll go along with Dad because I’m so curious about what’s going on.
        Last Sunday Bevan was showing me that Tommy knows lots of animal sounds.  “What does the cat say?”  Tommy said “meow!”  “What does the cow say?”  Tommy said, “ Mooo!”  And so on.  Then Bevan said, “What does Grandma say?”  Tommy said, “Nooo no, no!”
        Among my various cabin projects, I’ve been cleaning stuff out of the garage. In some places, I’m almost down to the wall.  I’ve stashed pieces of wood and other building materials, and odd pieces of trex, and other useless things.  I uncovered a pair of skis, probably cross country.  I’ll put them in the greenhouse.  There’s a queen sized bed frame, which looks pretty nice.  Does it belong to any of you?  If it doesn’t have an owner I’ll send it to the DI, so if anybody owns it, or needs it, let me know.
        I don’t have any new health worries, and my injured hip doesn’t seem any worse.  Maybe it will get better by itself.  A week from Tuesday I’ll be having another CT scan, and then I’ll visit with Dr. Lewis two days after that.  If my lung tumors have kept growing at the same rate, I’ll probably go back on chemo again, but I know I can handle it.  I sure appreciate all your prayers!
        Our family reunion is coming up fast!  Tom seems to be on top of everything, and I’m sure he’ll be posting the schedule pretty soon.  Because of the shape I’m in, and because Dad doesn’t like the water all that much, we’ll mostly be observers, but at our age, that’s the most fun of all. 
        Lots of love, Mom