Sunday, June 13, 2021

 Dear Kids,

I’m already looking forward to the next Super Sunday, two weeks from today, and Allen will be the host.  We’ll be meeting at a park in Centerville, and the address 850 East 550 South.  Allen warned that it might be “toasty,” but I reminded him that we’re all tough.  Besides, I’m sure there are trees we can sit under.  This will be our normal pot-luck format, meaning you bring whatever you want, but I’ll see if Al can provide the drinks, since we won’t have a kitchen sink with water nearby.  

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Adelaide had finished her mission application process (or that it was a rumor) but I was wrong.  She’s in the middle of the process now.  Last Sunday she had her patriarchal blessing, and she still needs her medical and dental checkups.  Then her “papers” can go in.  It will be exciting to see where she gets called.  We hope she’ll be able to do a face-to-face MTC, but it she has to do it at home, that’ll work too.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Provo temple with Julie because she was being endowed.  It was just us, Spencer’s parents, John and Heather, and Prices.  We were the whole session!  It was really nice, but I’ll be glad when the temples are open for big groups again.

It froze here a couple of nights ago, and when I went out ministering to my ladies the next day, they complained about losing tomatoes, petunias, etc.  I don’t know why anybody tries to grow flowers and tomatoes around here.  I thought it was a relief to leave Salt Lake and have a good reason not to grow a garden!

My breathing is still really bad, but I have an appointment with a pulmonologist this Friday.  He’s supposed to rule out anything besides cancer that could be giving me trouble.  The last resort, according to my oncologist, will be radiation, and I think he means the entire area of my lungs, not just the lymph node in the middle.  They always try to tell you as little as possible, in order not to scare you, but I would rather know everything.  Then I can face it.  I’m really confident that I’ll live several more years, whatever happens.  My patriarchal blessing talks about my days being “lengthened” to “fill my mission with joy and satisfaction.”  And I think being here for you kids and grandkids is part of my mission, so I think the Lord will preserve my life.

Lots of love to everybody, Mom