Sunday, July 10, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Sharon passed her test!  She’s now a nurse!  She thought she wouldn’t know until tomorrow, but the results were available earlier, for a small fee.  ($8)  A week ago she was all bogged down in red tape, but she contacted her state senator, who cleared the way for her.  She found out last Wednesday that she could take the test the next day, or three weeks down the road.  She was totally prepared so she went for it.  Go, Sharon!  We’re very proud of her.  

We were all disappointed that the Allen family reunion was postponed.  Barbara was helping Bonnie make phone calls, and she didn’t get through to us until 9 pm Friday night.  She had left me a phone message earlier, which I didn’t notice, but when I went back and listened, she said there were “complications,” so maybe it wasn’t just the weather. Anyway, I’ll let you all know as soon as we find out if and when it’s being rescheduled.

Our family book club meets tonight at our house at 5 pm.  Be there or be square!  We’ve been reading Flat Stanley, and Emma will take charge of our discussion.  There will be refreshments, too, of course.   Maybe just cookies, or maybe more.  Be there! 

John has had a rough recovery from his tonsillectomy, but he said that’s typical for adults.  He has to take ibuprofen every 6 hours, and he’s still on otter pops, especially at night when his throat dries out.  I know he can still use all our prayers.

The Centerville fire on July 4th is old news by now, but it was cool seeing Allen on the KSL news, talking about it.  He looked very official, like always.  The fire wasn’t close to Nora’s house, but up where Ben’s girlfriend lives, they were prepared to be evacuated.  Luckily everything turned out OK. 

My chemo this time was a little worse than usual, or maybe the hot weather aggravated it.  I’m on the upswing now.  I was feeling so miserable yesterday afternoon that I had Dad drive me up the Mirror Lake highway.  We went as far as Provo Falls, and by then I felt a lot better.  Beautiful mountain scenery helps everything!

Lots of love to everybody, Mom