Sunday, September 25, 2022

 Dear Kids,

It’s Super Sunday today, but we’re not meeting at Donna’s house, like I wrote last week.  We’ll be at Hamlet Park, the same place we met last year after Dallin’s baptism.  When you’re coming into Midway from the direction of John’s office, it’s on your right as you swing into town.  The fun starts at 4pm, and most of you have food assignments from Donna herself.  She has some beef that Tom is going to smoke, so she wants the rest of the meal to come out right.  I’m sure it will all turn out great.  

And next weekend is conference, so we’ll meet here Saturday night at 5pm for our bread and soup dinner.  Bring whichever you like.  The 6pm conference session is for everybody, not just women or men.   We’ll have our TV tuned in for whoever wants to watch it, and the rest of the group can play outside.  It’s supposed to be nice weather.  Next Sunday night Dad and I won’t be home because we’ll be going to my mission reunion.  I didn’t think we would have them any more, but one of my former companions is getting us together again.

Book club is October 16, and we’ll be talking about Toys Go Out.  It’s short and crazy, and everybody should enjoy it.

On my sisters’ twitter thread, Nancy posted a picture of Claire Hughes, Whitney’s daughter, and Caleb Anson, Amy’s son, eating lunch together in the Brazil MTC.  They happened to meet up after Caleb heard Claire talking about her grandfather, Charley Allen, who lives in Bountiful.  What a small world!  That reminded me that another of Charley’s granddaughters, Emmie, is in Adelaide’s mission.  Dad was wondering what the chances are that anybody would meet up with a second cousin in their mission, and I said that if you’re part of the extended Allen family, it’s probably 100%.  I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa Allen are proud of their “Army of Helaman.”

We’ve had such wonderful fall weather this week that Dad and I did two hikes on the Rocky Top trail.  The trailhead is just 5 minutes from our front porch, so it’s quite a temptation.  If we ever make it all the way to the top, (4 miles, one way) we should be able to look down on our house, and all the rest of Kamas Valley.  I’m planning to make it sooner or later.  Who cares that we’re both 75.  

Love to everybody, Mom