Sunday, February 26, 2023

 Dear Kids,

This will be another really short letter.  I’ve been in bed all week with the flu.  At first I thought it was a minor stomach bug, but it turned out to be much worse than that.  Today is my tenth day of it. Dad has waited on me hand and foot, and I’ve had everything I’ve needed.  The end of it all is in sight, though, and this afternoon I’m going to get up and put on real clothes and Dad and I are driving to Centerville for Super Sunday.  Allen is in charge, and we’ll be starting at 4 pm.  I’m looking forward to it, especially since I haven’t been anywhere in such a long time.

While I’ve been down in bed, I’ve been reading books by Esther Averill (the Fire Cat) and Beverly Clearly.  Sometimes the simplest stuff is the best, especially if you don’t feel very well.  I also read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for our book club on March 12.  I’ve read it before, but I really enjoyed it this time.  I think we’re coming up on our one-year anniversary for book club, and I hope we keep going for many more years.

Here’s hoping this letter finds you all well and happy.  Love, Mom