Friday, November 18, 2005

Dear Kids,
      It’s been a busy and fun week here. On Friday, Vanessa brought Ben, after his week in Pocatello. Vanessa had all these plans to shop, but she ended up lying on the couch, and we had a nice visit. It was lots of fun. I had agreed to tend Ben for the last day of Nora and James’s vacation, but it turned out to be the last two days, since they didn’t get home until Sunday. They had trouble with their flight out of Cancun, so they missed the connection in Denver, and had to stay overnight there. (Luckily in a motel, and not waiting in the lounge.) Addie had been dropped off Saturday afternoon, by John and his family, so she stayed the night here, too. Both kids were very good. But anxious to see their parents. Nora and James brought back a video showing them swimming in a tank with dolphins! These creatures have been trained to kiss humans and sing, both of which they did with Nora and James. They also swim under you and lift you up by your feet. You just have to see the video! Nora and James obviously had a very good time, and they have lots of stories to tell.
      Dad has been very happy out driving his bus again, but management is putting a lot of pressure on him to come back into the office. They’ve tried out other guys, and he’s the one they want. They’ve promised him a raise, but I don’t know how much it is. Somebody pointed out to him that your social security and retirement pension are based on how much you make the last 5 years that you work, so it would mean more money over the very long haul. One reason management is so eager to get Dad back behind a desk is that they’re so impressed with his English skills. He did a fabulous job rewriting the radio training manual, and it didn’t have any mistakes. You can guess who gave in and finally proofread it before he sent it in! I’m thinking they should pay me something.
      Speaking of my life, my visiting teacher, Louise Wilde, said she had a very personal question to ask me. I said OK, because of course I don’t have any secrets. She wanted to know why I don’t have a job. I told her I’m too busy to work. She laughed. She’s a grandmother like me, and she says she’s also too busy to get a job. Who would’ve thought?
      John and Heather are planning a breakfast for Thanksgiving morning, like they’ve done before. I know it’s the “off” year for most of you, but if you want to come to Heber, John says everybody’s welcome. I asked him if the meal was going to be gluten free, and he said his pancakes are so good, you’d never know there isn’t any wheat in them.
      I took inventory of the cabin movies, and there are four of them I can’t locate: Catch Me if you Can, Saints and Soldiers, Pride & Prejudice (LDS), and O Brother, where art Thou? Do any of you have a clue where any of these might be? I can replace all of them, easily (love that DVD burner, and the library, my partner in crime) but I’d like to know if any of these are still around.
      You know how you get “presents” in the mail from charitable organizations, like return-address labels from the humane society, or sample greeting cards from the Sierra Club? Well, I just opened a package from the Salt Lake Rescue Mission, with a complementary holiday chef’s apron in it. It has a smiley guy serving up a turkey, and it says “Happy Holidays” from the Salt Lake Rescue Mission. When I wear it to serve my holiday meals, I’m supposed to remember those who are hungry and hopeless, and send a donation. It’s pretty surprising, the stuff you get in the mail.
      Well, I’ve got a ton of stuff to do. Busy Grandma, you know. Lots of love, Mom