Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dear Kids,
      Well, this is going to be an odd Thanksgiving for Dad and me. I’m not even cooking dinner! So many of you kids were going to the “other side,” Dad and I decided to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa, and Jeanne and Rich’s family, and Barbara. So I only have to make pies. Of course I hope to see at least some of you at the cabin Thanksgiving night, (or maybe this will be the past tense, by the time you read it.) I have to make pumpkin pie, because nobody else can do it the same. I’m not just bragging–reliable sources have told me this. I even heard a rumor that James was refusing to come to the cabin Thanksgiving night because he didn’t think there would be any of the “real” pumpkin pie. Well, I’m baking it right now. It’ll be there.
      Sharon and Seth are having Thanksgiving with Missy’s sister Tara, and her husband Nick. Last year, Tara said, she and Nick spent all day cooking, and then they ate their dinner, by themselves, in about 10 minutes. I’m sure they’ll have more fun this year, with Sharon and Seth and Charlie for company, and some help with the cooking! Nobody cooks like Seth, or Sharon, either!
      Tom and Kim came to town on Monday for Emma’s appointment at Primary Children’s Medical Center. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur at least 3 months ago, and it took this long to get her in. They tested everything out, including giving her an ultrasound, and they found that she has pulmonary valve stenosis, which is narrowing of the pulmonary valve leading into the heart. It isn’t causing Emma any problems right now, and they’re going to check her again in a year. Thanks goodness it isn’t anything serious, so far! Tom and Kim spent the rest of the evening visiting with us here. I had made one of my pumpkin pies early, especially for Tom. Remember how, when he was on his mission, he complained bitterly that he didn’t have pumpkin pie for two Thanksgivings? (I guess the kimchi didn’t quite fill that empty spot inside.) Remember how I made pumpkin pie for his homecoming dinner, in June? Well, I remembered. So we had some on Monday. It was a good warm-up for Thanksgiving.
      Tom also reports that he’s now “permanent” in his job, because the former permanent guy moved to Logan, and is going to work remotely. Trouble is, Tom is not sure he wants to be permanent. He says that on the salary he gets right now, there’s no way they can buy a home, unless Kim keeps working. Of course my remedy was for Tom to start looking for something here in Salt Lake right away, but it’s not that simple, of course. Still, I’m sure there are a lot more opportunities here, especially with the experience Tom has now.
      Winter is settling in, even if there’s no snow on the ground. How do I know? Xena is obsessed with getting inside. Last night at bedtime I was wandering around the house, turning off lights, and I noticed some extra gray fabric on my sewing table, behind the serger. Actually, it looked more like fur. I lifted it up, and sure enough, it was a warm contented cat. I tossed her into the kitty room, and made sure the door was shut tightly.
      Paul, I mailed your medications. I have to do it at the post office now, because they made new rules about mail to Canada. Letters and photos are the only things you can put directly into the mailbox. I guess you’ve probably heard that. Thanks for your entertaining letters! Keep Elder Wolfe on the level, OK, now that you know his weakness for Sisters!
      Lots of love, Mom