Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dear Kids,
      I’ve become a Super Nerd. I just bought a flash drive. It even has a cord so I can wear it around my neck. Who would’ve thought? I haven’t actually hung it around my neck yet, but I might. I’ve loaded it up with my genealogy because I’m going to Grandma’s today, and floppy discs just won’t do it any more. Burning cd’s is too much trouble. So I’ve joined the 21st century.
      Monday night we had surprise company–Vanessa and Trent and their kids. They had come for the auto auction Tuesday morning, one of Tent’s favorite new hobbies. His brother Troy had wrecked their car, and he entrusted Trent to get him another one. I guess it’s a pretty wild affair. You have to know what you’re doing, because it moves fast. Trent also had his eyes open for a Honda Odyssey, because with a growing family, they’re soon going to be using three car seats. He saw just what they wanted, (2003, silver color, leather interior) but the only two problems were: it had a flat tire, and it didn’t start. Oh, well–the fun of the auction. He bought it anyway. There’s a guarantee that if the repairs cost more than $500, you can return the car and get your money back. In fact, Trent just barely got the car because another guy had his hand halfway up when the auctioneer said, “sold!” So we’ll have to watch this drama unfold. I’m betting that the Odyssey will be a fabulous car for them. Trent said they’ll have to drive it until Sarah gets through high school. (After Trent “won” the car, he called Vanessa here to find the address of the closest Wells Fargo bank. I said, “Is he planning to hold it up?”)
      While Trent was slugging it out at the auction, Vanessa and the kids and I were having fun here. We met Nora and her kids at the New Dragon chinese restaurant, but we got “take out” and took it all to Arctic Circle, so the kids could play while we ate. And all the business types having lunch at the New Dragon looked very relieved to see us all troop out, with the kids and food. Later on, after all the fun, we came back here. Vanessa was changing Sarah’s diaper, and Addie was watching. Addie said, “ Sarah needs to set a goal for potty training.”
      Last Saturday afternoon Dad and I had a wonderful date. First we went to the Jordan River Temple and did a session. Then we drove to a Maverick and changed our clothes, and headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to go snowboarding at Snowbird. Chickadee is free on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. So we didn’t have to worry about getting our money’s worth. The snow was perfect, and everybody on the hill was having fun. Lots of beginners. (Important note: I didn’t see a single teenager on skis. It was 100% snowboards. The only skiers were parents with little kids.) Dad and I did 10 or 12 runs, and by then we were tired and cold. So we wandered around the lodge, ate chocolate from my bag, and came home. It was the most fun, spending the least money, that we’ve had in a long time.
      Sunday in Church we had a missionary homecoming, LeGrande Tapusoa, who’s the only other missionary from our ward, besides Paul. (His family moved into the ward about a year ago.) Naturally the chapel was filled with Polynesians, and they stood around and talked for quite a while after the meeting was over. I was playing postlude music on the organ, which I usually do until everybody is out, but I finally gave up and quit after about 20 minutes. So, Paul, you’re the only missionary from our ward right now. Who would’ve thought, when you were one of 12 Sunbeams, that someday you’d be the only missionary?
      Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it!
      Love, Mom