Thursday, February 2, 2006

Dear Kids,
      As you all can see from Paul’s letter, he’s been transferred–just what he was hoping for. But what kind of a place is Chilliwack? (Like, do they have an annual festival where they whack chilis?) Where do they come up with these names? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, if there are lots of good people there. By the way Paul, when are you coming home? The Bishop wants to know, so he can schedule your homecoming. I can’t believe your last year is going by so fast! The first year seemed to take forever.
      On Saturday, Nora went to a bridal shower for Shanna Spencer, who’s getting married next month. Tom’s ribs must have mended, because he and Jacob are going skiing at Deer Valley on Saturday. It sounds like they talked Donna out of a couple of the passes she earned by working there during Christmas. Donna said she was originally hoping to use them for a Sisters’ ski trip, but Nora and Vanessa are both pregnant, Sharon is in Michigan, and Monica’s in Arizona. Too bad it didn’t work out this year! Donna’s life in Logan is all about her classes and projects. For fun, she went to the Stake Pinewood Derby, but she said it was so crowded she couldn’t even get close to the track. Now this is a new one on me–student wards and stakes having pinewood derbies. Is it a new craze? I hadn’t heard of it. Donna says her family’s car (home evening family, that is) didn’t do very well.
      Missy has discovered the Centerville DI, that you can find really classy stuff there. I remember I used to go there a lot, and it was always worth the drive. Allen says people come from all over Utah. They hire the Centerville police for security, so I guess Allen knows the place pretty well. I said, “Do people really steal stuff?” He said mostly they get caught switching price tags. I tried to tell him that ought to be legitimate, because retarded people decided on the prices. He said it wasn’t worth the fine, or jail time. Well, I haven’t switched any price tags for a long time. I can just go to Walmart and get it cheaper there.
      Sharon and Seth might be moving into a co-op apartment. You buy into it, so your rent is lower by two or three hundred dollars a month. Then, when you move, you sell out, always for more than you paid to get in. I’ve never heard of that before, but it would make sense, if you’re a student couple living in the same city for several years.
      Xena is in the house now, and I can’t catch her. After pestering the bird, she walked on the piano keys. But when I lunge at her, she gets away. I think she has the winter heebie-jeebies.
      I hope everybody’s happy and well! Love, Mom