Thursday, March 2, 2006

Dear Kids,
      The big news of the week, if you haven’t heard, is that Nora’s having a girl! Unless there’s some surprise, Addie will have a little sister to lead along the path of life, and the other little girl cousins will have one more little friend. By the way, this will tip our number of grandchildren toward the girls: 8-7. What a change, after the run on boys we were having back in 01-02. Anyway, we’re excited for Nora and James.
      I guess this is the time of year when pinewood derby fever hits hard. I thought it was odd that Donna’s singles stake was into it, but John just raced a car in his elders’ quorum derby. He was very proud that he came in 5th out of 20 cars. Go, John! He said one of the cars, done by an auto body guy, had an authentic auto body finish. Hey, we always knew it was for the grownups, not the kids. John also reports that he has purchased a new toy, which isn’t surprising, because John is always getting new toys, but this time it’s a chocolate fountain! He said it was only $40 at Costco, so he had to buy it. He’s going to bring it to the cabin for Conference weekend (April 1-2). He uses those gluten-free chocolate chips from Smiths, so his kids (but probably not Aaron) can indulge. I’m sure the rest of us will, too. He said it’s great for pineapple and strawberries!
      Tom’s latest health alarm is high blood pressure. Who would’ve thought? He went in for a routine check of his medications, and his doctor noticed that his blood pressure was high, and when she looked back over his chart, it had been high for a long time. (I wondered why they’d never noticed before, but Tom called it “white coat syndrome,” whatever that means.) So all the symptoms Tom was concerned about, (like his pounding heartbeat,) which were pushing him into anxiety attacks, might all be coming from the high blood pressure, and might all be cleared up with just one medication. Meanwhile, he had another EKG, and of course his heart is fine. He said he’s had so many EKG’s, they ought to give him a punch card.
      Tom also reports that he’s gotten into the big time with his photography. There’s a website called imagevortex that allows photographers to upload their pictures, so people can buy them. The only restriction is, the pictures have to be really good. Tom sent them a ton of pictures, and kept getting rejected, but they gave him good suggestions. Finally they accepted three of them. If you click on, and then, on “image search,” enter in the number 935075073, that will take you to a picture of a horse that Tom sent them. If you click on the thumbnail of the horse, it will come up enlarged, and underneath, click on “mycanonshots,” which is Tom’s screen name. Then you’ll see all three pictures that Tom has listed with them. The sunset is a view from the cabin. I think it’s cool. They all are.
      Trent is also into photography big time. You can see his sports pictures on It has city league, high school, and youth basketball scores and stats, along with a lot of cool pictures.
      I’m obsessed with the new Phantom of the Opera movie. I can’t quit watching it. The phantom, of course, is way cuter than the hero. Today when I was practicing the organ at the church, I imagined a Phantom of the Organ, lurking among the pipes, ready to help me play magnificently, if I turn my soul over to my darkest dreams. So I turned off the organ and went home.
      Life is good. I love you all! Mom