Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dear Kids,
      I’m on my way over to Nora’s in a little while. She went to the doctor yesterday to find out why she had so much pain in her upper legs. It’s varicose veins! And there’s nothing you can do, except to stay down. So I’m going to help out a little every day--fix the kids’ lunch, go to Walmart, do a little laundry or cleaning. I’m glad to help. Any of you who have read my green book, you know how much people helped me during my years of practically being an invalid. I’m glad to pay it back into the big account. Plus it’s fun to play with Addie and Ben. Of course it couldn’t be worse timing for Nora and James’s move, which is in just a couple of weeks, but I’m sure people will help.
      We had study group here on Sunday night, and when Mark Ulrich came, I pointed out to him that it was the last study group, just 4 weeks earlier, when I had mentioned to him that Nora and James might be thinking of moving. And just two weeks later, they had a new house, and a week after that, the old one was sold. Mark just smiled. You can see he loves his work. Actually, it was a miracle that I even talked to him, because Terry Coon had come about 45 minutes early, to play chess. We started a game, and it was just getting interesting when everybody else started coming. I had a good position, but Terry was ahead on material. But I knew there must be a good move for me! It was my turn, so I suggested that we wait and finish the game after the lesson. Terry said that was fine. Besides, I was still in my levis, I hadn’t made my chocolate sauce, and everybody was there, looking nice. I hurried and put on a dress, and made my sauce, all the while thinking about the chess game. During the lesson, I kept glancing at the board. About half way through I saw a move that was so brilliant, it took my breath away. Then, for the rest of the time, I was going over every possible counter-move that Terry could make. Any way I saw it, I could checkmate him in about three moves. So I didn’t hear a word of the lesson. I only pretended to pay attention. When it was over, I hurried and served dessert, and then it was back to the game. I won in three moves. This is only the second time I’ve ever beat Terry, and we’re always sitting over the chess board when we go to Lake Powell or Lake Mead. So it was a very big deal for me. Terry said it was a great game. I couldn’t sleep that night, I had so much adrenalin in my system.
      Monica and Donna are both training for marathons. Monica’s going to do the Salt Lake Marathon on June 3rd, the day after Paul gets home. She wants to be here when he gets off the plane. It will be nice to have Monica here for a visit. We haven’t seen her for months. And Donna’s planning on running the 24th of July marathon, whatever it’s called now. That will be fun, too. Go, you red-headed girls! (Vanessa, of course, is also on the go, always, in spite of being 8-months pregnant. What is it about the red hair? Little Sarah is the same way.)
      I’m looking forward to conference weekend. It will be great to see any of you that come for any of the time. I’m excited for conference. On Sunday, in sacrament meeting, one of our Polynesians got up to give the closing prayer. But he just stood at the pulpit for about two minutes, before he started his prayer. Then, he thanked the Lord for the conference coming up, and asked that we would all be prepared. I was so inspired, I couldn’t wait for it to come.
      I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it.