Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dear Kids,
      The biggest news of the week is Tom’s new job! I’m sure everybody has heard by now. He’s going to be the network supervisor for Wasatch School District, working in Heber. Friday morning, while we were building the deck at the cabin, they called him on his cell phone to see if he could come in the next Monday for an interview. He said he was in the area, and could they do it that day? They could. He put on his preppy clothes and drove to Heber for the interview. Before he made it back to the cabin, they had called him on his cell and offered him the job. It’s a big jump for him in salary and responsibility, so we’re pretty happy that things worked out so smoothly. He starts on August 14, so he’ll be moving into the cabin. Kim will be in Price for a while longer, because of her job, and because they’re house sitting for a missionary couple. So they’ll be like Kim’s parents, who are shuffling between Price and Vernal. Or like Donna and Bevan, with their weekend romance. It’s been done before. Dad and I were separated for the first 2½ months of our marriage. Grandma and Grandpa Allen did it, too, when he was in the army.
      Speaking of Grandma Allen, her leg is finally starting to heal, because she’s seeing a “wound specialist.” In fact, once he started treating her, he was astounded at how fast her leg began healing. She didn’t mention that more than 150 people are praying for her to get better. I’m sure that helps.
      Before I forget, the family reunion is this Saturday, at the park by the Provo River. Not Provo Canyon, but in the river bottoms area. If you’re driving east in Orem on Center Street, (2 blocks south of Grandma and Grandpa’s house,) you go down the hill, and before you cross the river, you turn right into a subdivision, pass a few houses, and you’re at the park. I can’t find the address right now, because our internet is down. And nobody in my family is in charge of it, because Grandma is laid up. So it’s really informal. We have the park reserved from 11 am to 4 pm. Everybody’s bringing their own food. Laurie and Whitney are organizing games for the kids. That’s all I know. We haven’t even received an e-mail about it. That’s what happens when nobody’s in charge, but I’m sure it will be fun. When I find the address, I’ll e-mail or call you all.
      Nora and James and their kids had fun camping in the Tetons last week, and they hung out with Paul. They went hiking, picknicking, and adventuring. They said Paul seems to be doing great. The girls he works with in the T-shirt shop like to tease him, but he keeps his cool.
      Other family news: John is the new executive secretary of their ward. Lotsa meetings. Allen got a raise. Vanessa passed up a backpacking trip and went to a quilting store with her mother in law, instead. She said that’s what comes of having three kids. Donna is tired of working in a cubicle and wishes she were out in the open. Like in the Tetons. Sharon says it’s really hot in Michigan now. Unbearable. Good thing it was fairly nice when we were there.
      Little Paige’s baby blessing is this Sunday, at Nora and James’ church, at 11:00 am. I’m sure Nora has already contacted each of you that can come. I wish everybody could be there.
      Lots of love, Mom